In 2008 Dutch artist Rineke Dijkstra was invited by Tate Liverpool to work together in the creation of new work for the exhibition The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space (Dec 2008 – Jan 2009).



Rineke Dijkstra’s involvement included observations of gallery visitors and school groups engaged in workshops. Initially fascinated by young peoples’ inquisitive responses to Tate collection art works on display, and in particular to Pablo Picasso’s painting Weeping Woman, Dijkstra worked together with Tate Liverpool in the creation of new works I See a Woman Crying and Ruth Drawing Picasso. Dijkstra’s works are monuments to the fragile, fleeting moments of viewing an art work for the first time, and monuments to the enduring allure of Picasso’s Weeping Woman. The following film is a conversation between the artist and Abigail Christenson, Curator: Young People, Tate Liverpool, about the process of creating new works in collaboration with Tate’s audiences.

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The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space 16 December 2008 – 1 February 2009, Tate Liverpool