One of three talks and an international symposium taking place as part of the Live Culture programme of Live Art performances, debates and presentations.



The critic and curator RoseLee Goldberg is a distinguished historian of Live Art. She presented a personal overview of key developments in the field, its cultural status, its relation to visual art movements and practices and the recording and archiving of its histories. RoseLee Goldberg pioneered the study of performance art with Performance Art: from Futurism to the Present. She has been Director of the Royal College of Art Gallery in London and the curator of the Kitchen in New York City. She is a regular contributor to Artforum and her books include Performance: Live Art Since 1960 (1998) and Laurie Anderson (2000). She recently originated and produced the multimedia performance Logic of the Birds (2001). Live Culture is curated by Lois Keidan, Daniel Brine and Adrian Heathfield, and supported by the Arts Council of England, the Live Art Development Agency, London Arts, The Regional Arts Lottery Programme, The Felix Trust for Art, and The Henry Moore Foundation.