Experts from the worlds of conservation, performance, textiles and archaeology discuss the preserved studios at the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden, on the occasion of a seminar held in St Ives



Barbara Hepworth lived and worked in Trewyn Studio in St Ives, now the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden, from 1949 until her death in 1975.
Two of the working spaces at Trewyn – the stone-carving studio and the plaster studio – remain much as they were when the artist died. In 2013 Tate’s sculpture conservation team received funding to restore and preserve these studios. Before conservation began, Tate Research convened a two-day research seminar in which an interdisciplinary group of experts considered the questions raised by this project and this unique site.
In this film Melanie Rolfe (Tate Conservation), Mike Pearson (Aberystwyth University), Claire Pajaczkowska (Royal College of Art, London) and James Dixon (Museum of London Archaeology) reflect upon the possible implications of intervening in the studios.