Tacita Dean is the latest artist to take up the challenge of filling Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. Her response, entitled 'FILM', is a silent 35mm looped film projected onto a monolith standing 13 metres tall.



In this short documentary we follow Dean’s creative process as she plans the work at her Berlin studio. Dean has used film throughout her career and has written that she needs ‘the stuff of film as a painter needs the stuff of paint’. In recent months she has voiced her concern about the declining availability and access to film as digital technologies become the norm. FILM seeks not only to invigorate debate about the threat that film is under but also to stand as a testament to the distinctive qualities of this unique medium. FILM by Tacita Dean is the twelfth annual commission in The Unilever Series at Tate Modern, 11 October 2011 to 11 March 2012