This Exquisite Forest’ represents a new form of artistic collaboration, involving established artists, cutting-edge technology and an online creative community. TateShots was at the launch to find out more.



This Exquisite Forest, a collaboration between Tate and Google, enables people to create short animations that grow from each other’s contributions.

Taking as the starting point a series of short animation sequences created by artists represented in Tate’s collection, users of the website and visitors to the installation at Tate Modern are invited to draw and animate new sequences and thus continue the ‘seeds’ begun by the artists. As more sequences are added, the videos dynamically branch out and evolve, forming multiple new visual narratives.

TateShots caught up with the people involved in realising this unique venture.

This Exquisite Forest’ is at Tate Modern from 23 July 2012 until the new year.