Paul Farley on the centre of the creative universe



Poet Paul Farley explores Tate Liverpool’s exhibition, Centre of the Creative Universe: Liverpool and the Avant-Garde. Farley grew up in Liverpool and has strong memories of many of the places that feature in the artists’ work, from the dockside and housing estates to the clubs he used to hang out in. The exhibition looks at how the city has influenced and inspired a diverse range of important post-war artists, and equally, how artists have contributed to the way Liverpool is pictured in the popular imagination. It includes work by Keith Arnatt, Bernd & Hilla Becher, the Boyle Family, Jeremy Deller, Rineke Dijkstra, Adrian Henri, Candida Höfer, John Latham, Yoko Ono, Martin Parr, Bob and Roberta Smith, Sam Walsh and Tom Wood.