Turner Prize nominee Tris Vonna-Michell discusses his creation of multilayered narratives delivered as audio recordings and slide projections in this film shot in his Stockholm studio and the exhibition installation at Tate Britain.



‘This work relates to personal trajectories. Some are fictive, I never really knew the difference’, says Tris Vonna-Michell on the solo exhibition held at Jan Mot galley in Brussels that won him the nomination.

Titled Postscript (Berlin), the work features a recorded monologue and two slide projections that take the viewer back and forth in time, as Vonna-Michell meshes together circuitous narratives related to his family’s experiences in Berlin with images that may or may not be connected.

In this film, the artist talks of the freedom and immediacy his method of working allows and tells the story of this artwork via the recorded speech his practice employs, saying: ‘by making this work the voice belongs but the body’s gone.’