Wael Shawky, film still from Cabaret Crusades: The Path to Cairo, 2012
Wael Shawky
Cabaret Crusades: The Path to Cairo 2012
Film still

For this year’s Biennial, which will run from March and to May 2013, Hasegawa proposes ‘a selection of artworks that reassess the Western centrism of knowledge in modern times’. Starting from the metaphor of the courtyard in Islamic architecture, her project focuses on exploring the complexity and diversity of cultures, societies and politics. She calls for a gathering of architects, designers, creators and artists, who will bring together different perspectives and challenge viewers to seek new knowledge by sharing ideas.

In holding a preview debate in London, Tate and The Sharjah Art Foundation open the floor to important questions about international contemporary art that are often simplified, subsumed or ignored. Wael Shawky, one of the participating artists, will talk about his work in relation to transregional politics, religion and history. Sarat Maharaj will explore the notion of ‘new cartographies’, which Hasegawa considers crucial to our understanding of the complexities of global developments in art.

Speakers include: Hoor Al-Qasimi, President, Sharjah Art Foundation; Yuko Hasegawa, Curator, Sharjah Biennial 11; Wael Shawky, participating artist; academics and writers Sarat Maharaj and John Hutnyk in conversation; and a question and answer session chaired by Marko Daniel, ate.