Tecoh, roof garden in main house with view to the jungle. by C.Laffan
Tecoh, roof garden in main house with view to the jungle

Tecoh, a 17th-century hacienda in the Yucatan jungle transformed by Jorge Pardo, is the departure point for this symposium examining the complexities of place, locality, culture and ecology in the commissioning and production of site-specific works

Through the lens of contemporary art, design and architecture, speakers address site specificity, place making, commissioning and the institutional models needed to explore these issues.

Opening up the idea of the expanded ‘sculptural house’, the symposium will highlight the experimental production process at the heart of Teco, which draws out questions around the potential of architecture to transform not only physical space but also to enable a different way of being in a place.

The tension between cultural preservation and revitalization, and relationships between the artist’s studio practice and the local production networks will also be discussed, drawing on the folding of site and studio during the six year production period for Tecoh.