Elizabeth Price is the winner of the 2012 Turner Prize. Here we see the excitement of the announcement on the awards night at Tate Britain, 3 December 2012.



In the 2012 Turner Prize exhibition Price is presenting her video installation THE WOOLWORTHS CHOIR OF 1979 2012. Comprising three parts, the video brings together distinct bodies of material into a dissonant assembly; photographs of church architecture, internet clips of pop performances and news footage of a notorious fire in a Woolworths furniture department in 1979. The film weaves together existing archives of text, image and sound to create video installations that drift between social history and fantasy.


Seriously why are people like this being even put in the same group as artists? Complete rubbish! The entrants were all disappointing, mere fools, trying to make a quick buck and clearly have no understanding of the world around them or the original message of art.

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