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I love animals. Wich means I care for their wellbeing and respect their needs and wishes. I guess you could say I am an "animal lover". I also love art. In no way I put human artistic expressions before any creature's wellbeing and safety, spacially non humane animals because, as you said, the can not give their consent. Also, unlike you said, humans are far more repressented in our society than the rest of animals. May I remind you that in most civiliced societies, non human animals have the legal status ob "objects" to be owned by people. I want to state that I appreciate the investigation, but I feel repeled by art lovers who need to give art a life of its own, an make it into a monster that will step on animals rights, just because it can. Its what's wrong with society: as when a man hits woman, some humans use and abuse animals just because they can. And when a so called "artist" does it in the name of Art, the porpouse of artistic expression becames twisted and corrupted.

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