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Johan Zoffany, 'The Bradshaw Family,' 1769

Family Matters: The Family in British Art

15 Oct 2012 – 24 Feb 2013
Tate Britian, London




24 Nov, 2012, 13.00 – 17.00pm
Tate Britain, London

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RT @PaulKindersley: @GBartdebate @Tate we had SO much FUN!

@BenUriGallery Thanks. Unfortunately GBAD has closed. Follow @LaingArtGallery @MuseumSheffield @NorfolkMuseums @Tate for other projects.

RT @BenUriGallery: @GBartdebate What a lovely image of Hockney's parents, we are exploring family relationships too - looking forward to ...

Look back at snaps from GBAD and find out where to go next! It's been a great project, thanks for being a part of it...

It’s a sad day! GBAD is ending but it's been great. Follow @LaingArtGallery @MuseumSheffield @NorfolkMuseums @Tate for future projects

Final WOW! Yes it’s true, GBAD is coming to an end! It’s sad but hopefully Hockey’s, ‘My Parents’ will help you through.

Spartacus Chetwynd on performance, painting and sculptural installation. What are your thoughts on the Turner Prize'12?

Just seen ‘The Children of George Bond of Ditchleys’ by Hugh Barron. What are your favourite childhood memories?

New blog post published looking back at a great day @Tate #Label. Take a peek.

British artist & Turner Prize Winner Elizabeth Price talks about her elaborate films. What are your thoughts?

WOW is Robert Braithwaite Martineau's, 'The Last Day in the Old Home'. Part of The Family Matters Display @Tate Britain.

Fancy using a little art in those festive photo's? The Pocket Art Gallery Competition is extended until 17th Dec!

Performance artists from Spartacus Chetwynd's 'Odd Man Out' dancing to DJ Stooki Sound @Tate LABEL. What a day!

This weeks work of the week is 'The Bradshaw Family' by Johan Zoffany, part of the Family Matters Display @Tate Britain

Thank you @speechdebelle & @iAmShakka for some great discussion around creativity and identity. Brilliant day.

@speechdebelle on family. ' I think that your family is important in influencing what you create.' Lovely stories about family history.

'British' doesn't mean just belonging to one culture. It's a mixture. I'm heavily influenced by a range of music from outside of the uk.

What does Britishness mean internationally? In this particular day and age, individualism maybe and politeness. Nice insights @Tate Britain

@iAmShakka says that the term British means multiculturalism. It's a highbrid term.

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  • I'm a disabled amateur painter, so can't visit the Tate, but would love to know more about Mary Beale..Who taught her? Why did she paint on paper? Is there a book about her life and painting techniques? I'd be grateful for any other information you can offer. Thankyou!
    Lesley Scott on Help us decide what we hang at Tate Britain!
  • Dear Emma, We enjoyed the Schwitters in Britain exhibition very very much and wondered whether any preservation work has been carried out on ‘Ja – Was? Bild’ (page 80 in the catalogue). This dates from 1920 and contains corrugated cardboard. The reason I ask is that I use corrugated cardboard as a medium for my sculptures and I am constantly asked 'How long will it last for?' This is the oldest artwork incorporating corrugated cardboard that I have come across, so I'd be most grateful if you could throw some light on this, if you ever get a minute to spare. Thanks for a wonderful exhibition. sincerely Josette
    josette carroll on Curator Emma Chambers on choosing works for Restless Times
  • [...] shortlister Shakka at the Tate Britain on Nov 24 alongside Mercury Prize winner Speech Debelle. LABEL is curated by Tate Collective as part of the Great British Art Debate and will include live [...]
    Going Out – Shakka and Speech Debelle @ Tate Britain | Poejazzi on LABEL