Family Matters: Your Ideas

First, thank you so much to everyone who submitted an idea for our Family Matters show either here, on facebook or twitter. We were quite overwhelmed by your thoughts and reminiscences about the family and how you felt about the artworks in our collection.

We printed out every single artwork and took them to a big team meeting, where Tabitha Barber and teams from learning, interpretation and online (that’s me) took a look at all of them.

After whittling down a little we’ve come to a shortlist of works that not only will be featured in the taster this year, but that also may go into the final show next year. I hope you’re as excited about this as we are!

It was your comments that helped us form our decision. Thank you. Now it’s a matter of some more hard work and logistics to see which works will fit together (physically – some are tiny, some huge!), which are available and other considerations that are part of the normal routine of putting on an exhibition here at Tate.

So for now, I can’t divulge which ones we’ve chosen, but I hope you’ll continue to read this blog and look out for the result of your recommendations, as well as further ways you’ll be able to get involevd with Family Matters!

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