What does family mean to you?


Family Matters is the last Great British Art Debate exhibition. It will be touring Norwich, Sheffield and Newcastle before coming to Tate Britain in October 2012!

To celebrate and offer you the chance to get involved, we’re asking you to submit your family portraits to be displayed at Tate.

Send us a photograph taken by you that encapsulates your idea of family.

Below are two artworks that we think show two different sides of family life from our collection, to inspire you.

Paul Graham, 'Television Portrait (Cathy, London),' 1989

Paul Graham, 'Television Portrait (Cathy, London),' 1989 © Paul Graham

Johan Zoffany, 'The Bradshaw Family,' 1769

Johan Zoffany, 'The Bradshaw Family,' 1769 © Tate

Please submit your photograph by 6 May 2012 either into the Family Matters group on flickr, by email to gbartdebate@tate.org.uk, or by post (with your name on the back) to Family Matters, Tate Britain, Millbank, London SW1P 4RG.  (We are unable to return submissions.)

Submitting a photograph confirms that you have read and understood the terms and conditions.

We’re looking forward to seeing your sumbissions!

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About Hannah Flynn

Hannah Flynn is E-Learning Assistant for Tate and Co-Ordinator for the Great British Art Debate online. Her favourite British artist is John Martin.


  1. How many photographs can we submit? I have a few in mind but unsure weather I can send in all three.

    • Hello Carole,

      Thanks for your interest in the competition. If you have three photographs, please feel free to submit them all. We look forward to seeing them.

  2. Hello James, thanks for your question. We are hoping that people will send photographs that encapsulate their idea of the family. Whether the photograph is of your own family or someone else’s is up to you. I hope that helps.

  3. The website says:

    “we’re asking you to submit your family portraits… ”

    Does this mean that the portraits have to be of our own family, or can they be of other peoples taken by us etc?

  4. Family is SOURCE OF EMPOWERMENT for me! Source of pure unconditional love, one for all and all for one!