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d_cultuRe - download, sample & cut-up culture. 29 January - 23 March 2005

New form in context of copyleft and copyright. d_cultuRe focused on audio production and distribution. As we shift from electromagnetic tape to digital codec as a low cost method of underground and independent distribution and exchange what implications evolve regarding the form, practice and politics of sound? This seven-week discussion, included John Oswald – Artist and Founder of Plunderphonics, Douglas Kahn – Director of Technocultural Studies at the University of California at Davis and Kenneth Goldsmith – Writer and Co-editor of ubuweb. The discussion was moderated by Lina Dzuverovic – Researcher and Co-director of Electra Productions.

A broad range of topics were addressed including: the underground tape movement, community and independent radio, collaboration, participation and appropriation, as well as soundart and the museum context. Some challenging notions were also put forward under the headings of 'nude media' and 'if it's not on the internet it doesn't exist'.

An online discussion space in conjunction with The Unilever Series: Bruce Nauman, Raw Materials, an onsite course titled Sound and the Twentieth Century Avant-Garde along with Christian Marclay's performance of The Sounds of Christmas Co-produced by Electra, as well as The Sound of Heaven and Earth, Co-produced by the London Consortium, Tate Modern 2004 - 2005.

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