If you wish to use the Reading Rooms you must register. You can register either as a Library Reader or as an Archive Reader.

Once registered, your details will be added to the Library and Archive membership database. Please notify the Library and Archive Reading Rooms of any changes of address or contact details during the period of membership. Membership is for one-year and is renewable. If you provide an email address you will be contacted by the Reading Rooms and asked if you wish to renew at the end of your membership.

General rules

In order to preserve the Collections, all readers are required to adhere to the following rules:

  • For security reasons coats, jackets, bags (including laptop bags) and handbags are not permitted. Please leave all such items at the cloakroom
  • Pens are not permitted in the Reading Rooms because they can permanently damage unique material. Please only use pencil; there are facilities for laptops
  • No food or drink (including water, chewing gum, and cough sweets) is permitted to prevent material being damaged
  • Mobile phones must be set to silent; personal audio devices must not be audible to others
  • Archive and Special Collections Rooms bookings: please arrive promptly at the start-time of your appointment.  If you will be delayed, please phone us on 020 7887 8838
  • Self-service photocopying is permitted within the Main Reading Room, and a photocopying service is provided in the Archive & Special Collections Reading Room
  • These services are subject to copyright restrictions and all photocopying is at the discretion of Reading Room staff
  • Cameras, but not tripods, are permitted to photograph items in the collections. Photographs can only be taken for private research; copyright legislation must be obeyed. Flash and camera sounds must be turned off. A declaration form must be completed for photographed items. Tate Library and Archive reserve the right to refuse photography of any item. You may not photograph the rooms or any persons in the rooms.
  • Tate Library and Archive reserve the right to refuse photography of any item. You may not photograph any person in the room or the room itself. Colour prints from Tate Archive items can be arranged (£1 per print). Any commercial copying from the Library and Archive collections must be arranged via Tate Images
  • You must take due care in using the resources in the Reading Rooms. You must read and abide by any safety instructions provided. All visitors using the Reading Rooms do so at their own risk and Tate cannot take responsibility for their personal safety or their possessions
  • CCTV cameras are in operation throughout the Reading Rooms for the protection of our collections, researchers and our staff
  • Anyone behaving in a manner likely to disturb other researchers will be required to leave.

Data Protection Act, 1998

When consulting material from the Tate Library and Archive readers agree to the following conditions:

  • You will not make use of any personal data contained in this material in a way that contravenes the Data Protection Act, 1998
  • Your research will not be used to support measures or decisions concerning any person who is the subject of this data or cause or be likely to cause substantial distress to that person while he or she is alive or likely to be alive
  • You will not make the results of their research available in a form that identifies any living person who is the subject of this data without the consent in writing of that person and of the Tate Library and Archive
  • You will become responsible for compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to any processing by them of personal data obtained from material consulted in the Reading Rooms.