An Experiments in Practice session takes places at Tate Exchange

Experiments in Practice, photography © Tate 2017, Ana Escobar

A discussion group at Experiments in Practice, 2017

Experiments in Practice, photography © Tate 2017 Ana Escobar

A group take part in Experiments in Practice, 2017

Experiments in Practice, photography © Tate 2017 Ana Escobar

Material used in an Experiments in Practice session, 2017

Experiments in Practice, photography © Tate 2017 Ana Escobar

The Tate Exchange Evaluation programme has accompanied the main Tate Exchange programme since it started in 2016, providing opportunities to reflect on and learn from the activities that happen in the space. It is designed to examine and support the development of best practice in relation to the research and evaluation of participatory arts, education and cultural practices which aim to make a positive difference in society. The programme responded to the pressing need, not only for more rigorous research and evaluation in this area, but also for greater knowledge generation and sharing across the arts, health, social care and education sectors in relation to methodologies and techniques that can provide the evidence needed to account for the value of this work.

To address these challenges, the Tate Exchange Evaluation programme involved Tate working collaboratively with the wide range of organisations who are a part of the Tate Exchange programme to co-investigate the key questions that need to be posed and the methods that need to be adopted and to disseminate findings through events, publications and online. In doing so the programme and subsequent findings provide insights and practical guidance to support organisations and individuals involved with participatory arts practices in the UK and internationally to research, reflect on and evaluate their work more deeply and authentically in the future.

Tate Exchange Evaluation 2017-18: Production

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Tate Exchange Evaluation 2016-17: EXCHANGE

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Experiments in Practice: Learning from the Evaluation of Tate Exchange Year One

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Further information on the journey Tate Learning took to reach Tate Exchange and our current programme can be found in Tate Learning Today: Ten Years in the Making, written by Anna Cutler, Director of Learning and Research.