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Sir Joshua Reynolds The Age of Innocence


Joseph Mallord William Turner The Golden Bough

exhibited 1834

Joseph Mallord William Turner The Dogano, San Giorgio, Citella, from the Steps of the Europa

exhibited 1842

Edward Matthew Ward The South Sea Bubble, a Scene in ‘Change Alley in 1720

1847, exhibited 1847

John Constable The Valley Farm


Daniel Maclise The Play Scene in ‘Hamlet’

exhibited 1842

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer Deer and Deer Hounds in a Mountain Torrent (‘The Hunted Stag’)

?1832, exhibited 1833

George Jones The Burning Fiery Furnace

exhibited 1832

John Gibson Hylas Surprised by the Naiades

1827–?36, exhibited 1837

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer King Charles Spaniels (‘The Cavalier’s Pets’)

1845, exhibited 1845

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer Highland Music

?1829, exhibited 1830

John Rogers Herbert Sir Thomas More and his Daughter

1844, exhibited 1844

Sir Joshua Reynolds Self-Portrait


William Etty Youth on the Prow, and Pleasure at the Helm

1830–2, exhibited 1832