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King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid: A Modern Retelling

Watch a modern retelling of Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones’ painting, King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid

Behind The Scenes

Cleaning Modern Oil Paints – The Video

Watch how conservators and scientists approach the challenges of cleaning 20th- and 21st-century oil paintings

An Allegory of Man

Uncover the symbolism hidden in this 400-year-old painting

How To

How to Paint Like Lowry

Ever wondered how L.S. Lowry made his artwork? Join artist Kathryn Edwards to learn about perspective, form and colour

How To

How to Weave like Anni Albers

Ever wondered how a piece of fabric is made? Join Textile Designer Rosa Pearks on how to warp and weft ...


Why study art?

Watch major cultural figures talk about why an arts education is important


Guerrilla Girls: 'You have to question what you see'

The activist group of artists ask us to question what we see in museums

In the Gallery

The Story of No Woman, No Cry: Audio Description

Listen to and watch an in-depth audio description of Chris Ofili's No Woman, No Cry


Irina Nakhova: 'Real freedom in your apartment’

The Russian artist takes us to her apartment in 1980’s Moscow


Lindsay Seers: 'I turned myself into a camera'

Known for focusing on the relationship between subject and object in photography


Maggi Hambling: 'Every portrait is like a love affair'

Hambling is known for her intricate paintings of portraits, the sea, and sculpture


Sonia Boyce: ‘Gathering a history of black women’

Sonia Boyce conveys political messages focusing on black representation


Renewing your Membership

Before you embark on your next year of membership, take a look back at a fantastic year of art, and ...


Goshka Macuga: 'The magic is the unknown'

The Polish artist is known for taking on the role of curator and archivist


William Kentridge: The Head & the Load

The artist talks about the performance piece to commemorate the First World.


Roger Ballen: 'A good picture comes from nowhere'

The American artist is known for is stark black and white photographs


Antony Cairns: London by Night

Join photographic artist Antony Cairns as he explores the city at night


Lubaina Himid: ‘I’m a painter and a cultural activist’

The British artist explores ideas around black British representation and identity


John Smith: Playing with the power of language

John Smith is a British artist and experimental filmmaker