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Tate Liverpool Exhibition

Transmitting Andy Warhol

7 Nov 2014 – 8 Feb 2015
Tate Liverpool's Transmitting Andy Warhol is the first solo exhibition of Andy Warhol’s work in the north of ...
Tate Liverpool Exhibition

Rachel Whiteread: Shedding Life

14 Sep 1996 – 5 Jan 1997
Past Tate Liverpool exhibition: Rachel Whiteread: Shedding Life
Tate St Ives Exhibition

Alex Katz: Give Me Tomorrow

19 May – 23 Sep 2012
Alex Katz: Give me Tomorrow. Tate St Ives exhibition that spans the full breadth of his career from the 1950s ...


ARTIST ROOMS has four learning aims and objectives focussing on young people and collaborations between museum professionals

ARTIST ROOMS: Damien Hirst

The ARTIST ROOMS collection comprises five important works spanning Hirst’s career including photography, painting, sculpture and installation.


ARTIST ROOMS: Introduction

ARTIST ROOMS is a collection of international contemporary art which has been created through one of the largest and most ...


ARTIST ROOMS: Vija Celmins

American artist Vija Celmins makes paintings, drawings and prints. Using charcoal, graphite and erasers she produces delicate monochromatic images based ...


The ARTIST ROOMS Research Partnership will develop and deliver a broad and programme of research consisting of three main strands ...

Joseph Beuys Artist Rooms – 1

What can we see in this room? Curator Valentina Ravaglia


ARTIST ROOMS: Francesca Woodman

American photographer Francesca Woodman has eighteen rare vintage black and white photographs in the ARTIST ROOMS display, from a collection ...



Andy Warhol is one of the most influential American artists to emerge in the post-war period. ARTIST ROOMS includes an ...


ARTIST ROOMS: Ellen Gallagher

American artist Ellen Gallagher has Irish and African American origins, which have shaped the texture and subject matter of her ...


ARTIST ROOMS Introduction

An introduction to ARTIST ROOMS, an extraordinary collection of modern and contemporary art jointly owned and managed by Tate and ...


ARTIST ROOMS: Young Ambassadors Q&A

Members of the Wolverhampton Art Gallery Young Ambassadors group meet Anthony d'Offay, founder of ARTIST ROOMS, at Tate Modern ...

The Bowes Museum Exhibition

ARTIST ROOMS: Robert Mapplethorpe: County Durham

28 Nov 2015 – 24 Apr 2016
The Bowes Museum is pleased to present the work of renowned American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, known for his vast, provocative ...
Tate Britain Exhibition

BP Exhibition: Classified: Contemporary British Art

22 Jun – 23 Aug 2009
BP Exhibition: Classified: Contemporary British Art: past Tate Britain exhibition looking at artists who use ordering systems in their work
Tate Modern Exhibition

Gerhard Richter: Panorama

6 Oct 2011 – 8 Jan 2012
Gerhard Richter: Panorama major retrospective exhibition grouping together significant moments of the artist’s remarkable career. Tate Modern
Tate Britain Exhibition

Stanley Spencer

22 Mar – 24 Jun 2001
Stanley Spencer: past Tate Britain exhibition


An introduction to ARTIST ROOMS, an inspirational collection of international contemporary art acquired for the nation by National Galleries of ...
Tate St Ives Exhibition

William Scott

26 Jan – 6 May 2013
Tate St Ives Spring Exhibition 2013: Artist William Scott, marking the centenary of his birth.