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Fahrelnissa Zeid


Fahrelnissa Zeid Untitled

Tate Modern Exhibition

Fahrelnissa Zeid

13 Jun – 8 Oct 2017

Be mesmerised by the kaleidoscopic paintings of the international female artist, Fahrelnissa Zeid

Exhibition Guide

Fahrelnissa Zeid

Read the room guide for this exhibition

Tate Modern Tour

BSL tour: Fahrelnissa Zeid

4 Aug 2017

Discover new insights into Fahrelnissa Zeid on this British Sign Language tour

Picture Essay

Fahrelnissa Zeid: city by city

Follow the international artist’s creative journey through each of the cities she spent time in

Tate Modern Private View

Members Private View: Fahrelnissa Zeid

15 Jun 2017

Free for Members with the London Private View Pass only


Fahrelnissa Zeid in four key works

Discover more about the abstract artist's style of painting and the influences behind her ground-breaking work

Tate Modern Talk

Curator's Tour: Fahrelnissa Zeid with Vassilis Oikonomopoulos

26 Jun 2017

Discover new insights into Fahrelnissa Zeid


Fahrelnissa Zeid: 'She was the East and the West'

Discover the art of Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid in our short documentary film

Tate Modern Tour

Curator's Tour: Fahrelnissa Zeid with Kerryn Greenberg

25 Sep 2017

 Join us for a detailed tour of this dazzling exhibition


Remembering Princess Zeid

We travel to Jordan to meet Fahrelnissa Zeid’s family and friends, and better understand the artist’s inspirations

Tate Etc

The Painter Princess

Learn out the life of Fahrelnissa Zeid – an aristocrat, princess and ground-breaking artist

Tate Etc

The Painter Princess

Turkish-born Fahrelnissa Zeid created extraordinary paintings that mix Islamic, Byzantine, Arab, Persian and European influences

Deutsche Bank: International Arts Partnership

This partnership sees support of exhibitions at Tate Modern with a particular focus on art from Africa and Asia

Art Term

Abstract art

Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use ...

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Women and Art

Women in Art
Tate Modern Private View

Members Private View: Giacometti

9 May 2017, 16 May 2017, 15 Jun 2017, 19 Jul 2017

For Members with the London Private View Pass Only

Tate Modern Talk

Sarah Wilson and Venetia Porter on Zeid's Abstraction

4 Jul 2017

Discover the fusion of Islamic, Byzantine, Arab and Persian influences in Zeid's abstract work

Tate Modern Workshop

Paint with Rachel Gadsden: With SHAPE Arts

25 Feb 2017

Drop in to this painting workshop and explore ways of looking