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Who is Sheela Gowda?

Get to know one of the artists from our Material Worlds display at Tate Modern

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Brilliant imperfections: British Folk Art

Old shop signs, ships’ figureheads, spirit vessels, naïve paintings, needlework samplers… what is folk art? Steeped in tradition, and often ...


Archives & Access Project: The challenging and fascinating work of an Archives and Access Volunteer Explorer: Part two of a two-part Volunteer blog installment

Archives & Access Project: The challenging and fascinating work of an Archives and Access Volunteer Explorer, Part two of a two-part ...
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Mother and Child Exam Help

Discover tender images of new mums and babies and artists' in-depth explorations of mother and child relationships

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Explore From Tarzan to Rambo

Exploring how Sonia Boyce explores her own sense of self in relation to media images of blackness and whiteness in ...


Nicholas Fox Weber on finding the real Mondrian

We caught up with Mondrian biographer Nicholas Fox Weber to discuss what it is about the Dutch modernist painter that ...

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Constable discussion and activities resource

Whether you are studying John Constable or just interested in exploring his art: use our discussion, research and activity suggestions ...

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Think You Know Pop Art?

Think again! Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, soup cans and multiple Marilyn Monroes are just part of the story


Anthony Burrill: To the Letter

Graphic artist, print-maker and designer Anthony Burrill speaks to us about his creative career, fascination with fonts and wondering around ...


Recreating Mondrian's Paris studio at Tate Liverpool

The summer exhibition at Tate Liverpool allows an insight into the ‘unique sensation of seeing’ Piet Mondrian’s most acclaimed ...


Who is Beatriz González?

Get to know one of the artists newly on display at Tate Modern 


Introduction to Tracey Emin

A closer look at the life and work of the influential British artist Tracey Emin


Who is Cildo Meireles?

Get to know one of the artists from the Media Networks display at Tate Modern 

Turbine Hall

On 28 April 1994 it was announced that Bankside Power Station (opposite St Paul's Cathedral and the City of ...


The Archival Trail: Paul Nash the war artist

Imperial War Museum curator Alexandra Walton explores the rich collections of letters, documents and photographs found in the IWM and ...


Bethann Hardison on art, race and power dressing

Brooklyn-born fashion activist Bethann Hardison discusses colonialism and cultural appropriation, from Van Dyck to Victoria's Secret


Bauhaus 101: what you need to know

After our series of lessons from Paul Klee's Pedagogical Sketchbook, our blogs editor sits down with curator Matthew Gale ...


What is Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable?

Andy Warhol’s multi-media live performance experiment, the Exploding Plastic Inevitable (EPI) debuted in 1966 in New York. We caught ...

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Events and Issues Exam Help

A look at how artists have responded to personal, historical, symbolic or headline-grabbing events and issues

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To the rescue of civilisation man: Kenneth Clark: Looking for Civilisation

In his day Kenneth Clark was an influential patron, art historian, collector, gallery director and broadcaster - and one of the ...