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Ursula Schulz-Dornburg: 'I want to archive these places for later generations’

The German photographer is known for her conceptual black and white photographs of barren environments


Susan Meiselas on her role as witness

Conflict, Time, Photography exhibition mobile guide stop interview with Susan Meiselas in Room 7: 25-30 Years Later


Dr Sean Willcock on 'Interior View of the North Fort of Taku'

Audio by Dr Sean Willcock on Interior View of North Fort of Taku in room 3 Imperial Herocis the Tate …


Tehching Hsieh: 'All art comes from life'

Discover how Taiwanese performance artist Tehching Hsieh's life as an illegal immigrant informed his piece One Year Performance

Look Closer

Josef Herman: Sketches of Wales

Discover Polish-British painter Josef Herman's unique relationship with Wales


Dennis Morris: 'Photography gave me confidence'

The photographer recalls how a chance meeting with Bob Marley launched his career


The Lives and Letters of the Camden Town Group

This study day will explore the social and art historical context of the Camden Town Group with a lecture from …


Mark Wallinger: State Britain

Mark Wallinger has recreated peace campaigner Brian Haw’s Parliament Square protest for a dramatic new installation at Tate Britain. Running …


Waplington talks about his use of different types of photography

Tate Britain exhibition Waplington/McQueen: Working Process mobile guide audio stop interview with artist Nick Waplington


John Riddy's London

The artist talks about his series of works entitled London


Goshka Macuga: Turner Prize Nominee 2008

Interview with Polish artist and Turner Prize 2008 nominee Goshka Macuga


Thomas Demand: Presidency

The artist presents a series of photographs depicting the Oval Office of the White House

How To

How to Paint Like Kandinsky

Ever wondered how Kandinsky painted his masterpieces? Find out how to paint an abstract work inspired by Kandinsky’s Cossacks, 1910-1


Chris Shaw: 'There is an insanity in the working process'

Homeless, Chris Shaw began working as a night porter in a hotel to have somewhere to stay. To stay awake, …


Dr Sean Willcock on 'Castes at Saugor'

Audio by Dr Sean Willcock on Castes at Saugor in room 2 Trophies of Empire in the Tate Britain Exhibition …


Curator Timothy Prus introduces A Guide for the Protection of the Public in Peace Time

Conflict, Time, Photography Tate Modern exhibition mobile guide stop interview with Archive of Modern Conflict Curator, Timothy Prus, in A …


Barbara Hepworth's Letters

We discover some of Hepworth's writings in Tate’s Archive and explore the landscape that inspired the her words and her …


Nan Goldin: 'My work comes from empathy and love'

The photographer introduces her latest book, Eden and After


Josephine Pryde Turner Prize 2016

Through photography and installation Pryde explores the nature of image making and display


Sunil Gupta – Mr Malhotra's Party

The Indian-born artist shows two photographs from his series Mr Malhotra's Party