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Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry and Olver James talk sex and ceramics.


Kurt Schwitters's portraits

While interned in a camp during the Second World War, Schwitters made hundreds of portraits to earn a living

Tate Kids Who Are They?

Who is Hilla Becher?

Why do we take photographs? Discover Hilla Becher's matter-of-fact photographs of buildings and their secret beauty

Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera, exhibition guide, Voyeurism and Desire

Exposed. Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera Tate Modern 28 May – 3 October 2010, exhibition guide, Voyeurism and Desire

Elsa Stansfield, Madelon Hooykaas Journeys

Look Closer

Finding Francesca

Discover the ideas and inspiration behind Francesca Woodman’s haunting photographic self-portraits

Tate Modern Display

Edward Krasiński

The Polish artist Edward Krasiński brought an innovative sense of theatre to his work

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Tate Etc

Out of the light, into the shadows: Tate Etc. Essay: Photograms

The photogram is an image made without a camera by placing an object directly on to the surface of a ...

Jeff Wall: room guide, room 10

Jeff Wall Photographs 1978-2004 at Tate Modern room ten of exhibition

Dr Sean Willcock on 'Hodson’s Horse'

Audio by Dr Sean Willcock on Felice Beato, Hodson's Horse in room 3 Imperial Herocis the Tate Britain Exhibition ...
Tate Etc

What are you looking at?: The female gaze

What are you looking at? Gilda Williams casts an eye over the photographic works of four female artists: Vanessa Beecroft ...


Tudor and Stuart Technical Research

May 2003 – October 2005

Tate holds a significant collection of paintings by artists working in England during the Tudor ...