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Hyperlink: A weekend at Tate to remember!

Tate Collective London

WOW... what an absolutely epic weekend! The Hyperlink festival has finished, but Circuit has only just begun.

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Chris Shaw: 'There is an insanity in the working process'

Homeless, Chris Shaw began working as a night porter in a hotel to have somewhere to stay. To stay awake ...


People behind the pictures - Painting with Light

In the early years of photography, photographers and painters collaborated, borrowed and shared ideas, ushering in a period of innovation ...


Eddie Peake born 1981Amidst a Sea of Flailing High Heels and Cooking Utensils, Part 1 2012

Clare Gormley

Case study on Eddie Peake's Amidst a Sea of Flailing High Heels and Cooking Utensils, part 1 2012, part ...


Press Office at Tate
Tate Modern Display

Pak Sheung Chuen: until 18 November 2018

The only way to see this installation is by using flash photography. This experience echoes how the work was created ...

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Tate Debate: Is London’s skyline losing its edge?

Susan Holtham

With a recorded history dating back to over 2,000 years ago and having survived civil warbubonic plaqueruinous ...

Picture Essay

Three images by Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus's photographs cut right to the quick of humanity, there is a directness to every shot that extends far ...


Performing for the Camera: 5 key artists

Simon Baker

Curator Simon Baker, selects his top five artists from the forthcoming Performing for the Camera at the Tate Modern, which ...


ARTIST ROOMS blog: Diane Arbus portraiture workshops in Kirkcaldy

Alicia Bruce

Photographer and educator Alicia Bruce writes about her workshops on portraiture inspired by the ARTIST ROOMS Diane Arbus exhibition at ...

Skills for the Future training programme: Meet our previous trainees

Tate has created 27 traineeships as part of The Heritage Lottery Fund’s Skills for the Future programme to provide ...
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Life and Landscape on the Norfolk Broads

Hope Kingsley

In the late 19th century the writer and photographer Peter Henry Emerson collaborated with the artist Thomas Frederick Goodall to ...

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From fruits to suits: Constellations at Tate Liverpool

Sacha Waldron

Sacha Waldron charts a course through Tate Liverpool's series of long-term displays of the collection