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Tate Liverpool Special Event

LightNight 2015 at Tate Liverpool: Liverpool’s spectacular, city-wide, one-night only arts and culture festival

15 May 2015
Join us for Light Night 2015! Tate Liverpool is hosting the launch of Look 15 photography festival, free family activities ...
Tate Liverpool Course

Reframing Realism: Led by Dr Judith Walsh

7 Nov 2015
A workshop that uses constellations display to discuss the realism in art and relate that history to contemporary practices
Tate Modern Tour

BSL TOUR: Radical Eye

2 Dec 2016

Take a British Sign Language guided tour of The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography 

Tate St Ives Special Event

Tate St Ives Members annual social

6 Dec 2014
Celebrate the achievements of Tate St Ives
Tate Modern Course

Tate Lab: October 2012: Jotta - Munch Photography workshop

6 Oct 2012
Come to Tate Collective’s creative lab to experiment, create and innovate through art and ideas.
Tate St Ives Special Event

Late at Tate

28 Nov 2014
Free evening entry to the exhibitions, galleries & shop
Tate Modern Film

William Klein: Contacts + In and Out of Fashion

20 Jan 2013
William Klein: Contacts + In and Out of Fashion film screening at Tate Modern
Tate Modern Talk

Show Time: Curating contemporary art

15 Oct 2014
Join author Jens Hoffmann for a critical discussion on the evolving role of a curator, the major changes that have ...
Tate Modern Talk

Painting With My Back to the World

10 Jun 2015
Talk and lecture entitled Painting With My Back to the World in relation to Agne's Martin's exhibition at ...
Tate Modern Film

The Exhibition of a Film: A project by Mathieu Copeland

25 Nov 2015
Showing at Tate Modern, Mathieu Copeland's The Exhibition of a Film is a multidisciplinary project which brings together visual ...
Tate St Ives Special Event

Circuit Summer Project: Switch it on!

16 Jul 2016, 17 Jul 2016, 30 Jul 2016, 13 Aug 2016

Join Tate Collective St Ives this summer experimenting with art and artists

Tate Modern Performance

BMW Tate Live Exhibition: Ten Days Six Nights: Night Three

26 Mar 2017

Experience a performance by a pioneer of experimental film and sound 

Tate Britain Course

Wandering Ruins workshop

15 Mar 2014, 22 Mar 2014, 23 Mar 2014, 29 Mar 2014
Wandering Ruins free workshop is for those with an interest in mobile technology, collaboration, trail making, walking and landscape at ...
Tate Liverpool Course

The Junior Creative Forum: For students aged 15-18

Every Sun, 26 Oct – 30 Nov 2014
Join The Creative Forum. Led by local artists and Tate Collective Liverpool, this course will help young creatives aged 15-25 ...
Tate Modern Film

A History of Clouds

22 Jan 2017

​A look at how environment and location are mobilised in cultural representations

Tate Modern Talk

The Art of Pop: Global Perspectives

17 Nov 2015
Join artists including Ulrike Ottinger and Martha Rosler to critically explore how pop art of the 1960s and 1970s became ...
Tate Modern Special Event

Book Signing: Taryn Simon

20 May 2017

Join us for a book signing of Rear Views, A Star-Forming Nebula, and the Department of Foreign Propaganda with Taryn ...

Tate Liverpool Project

LOOK/17: UK/China Cultural Exchange I

7–13 Apr 2017

Explore urbanism and exchange through the changing face of the city in China

Tate Modern Talk

Work like this

21 Apr 2013
Work Like This: A public discussion around precarious labour, visibility and domestic work at Tate Modern, 21 April 2013
Tate Britain Special Event

Comedy meets art: Hangout on Air

24 Sep 2013
In the second Hangout of the series at Tate Britain BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz will be joined by Doon ...