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Tate St Ives Exhibition

Mariele Neudecker: Over and Over, Again and Again

22 May – 26 Sep 2004
Mariele Neudecker: Over and Over, Again and Again: past Tate St. Ives exhibition
Tate Britain Exhibition

Art Now: Lightbox Stefan and Franciszka Themerson

2 May – 28 Jun 2009
Art Now: Lightbox Stefan and Franciszka Themerson exhibition of the two experimental film-makers at Tate Britain 2 May – 28 June ...
Tate Britain Exhibition

Art Now: Ori Gersht: Afterglow

25 May – 26 Aug 2002
Art Now: Ori Gersht: Afterglow. A literal and metaphorical photographical journey. Past Tate Britain exhibition
Tate Britain Exhibition

Patrick Keiller The Robinson Institute: Tate Britain Commission 2012

27 Mar – 14 Oct 2012
Patrick Keiller creates an ambitious new project in the Duveen Galleries, Tate Britain from March 2012
Tate Britain Exhibition

Art Now: Genevieve Cadieux: Broken Memory

5 Sep – 5 Nov 1995

Question the boundaries of the body and voice in this immersive installation

Tate Britain Exhibition

Art Now: Knut Asdam

11 Jul – 1 Oct 2000

Examine the psychological and sociological impact of the architecture of the city 

Tate Modern Exhibition

William Klein + Daido Moriyama

10 Oct 2012 – 20 Jan 2013
Tate Modern exhibition William Klein + Daido Moriyama explores relationship between both men’s work. 10 October 2012 - 20 January 2013
Tate Britain Exhibition

Roger Fenton

21 Sep 2005 – 2 Jan 2006
Roger Fenton; past exhibition at Tate Britian of the pioneering Victorian documentary photographer
Tate Modern Exhibition

Cruel + Tender: The real in the twentieth century photograph

5 Jun – 7 Sep 2003
Cruel and Tender past exhibition at Tate Modern 5 June – 7 September 2003
Tate Britain Exhibition

Art Now: Paul Graham: Hypermetropia

23 Apr – 23 Jul 1996

See Tokyo from a new perspective in this series of photographs

Tate Modern Exhibition

Project Space: No Lone Zone

27 Jan – 13 May 2012
No Lone Zone exhibition at Tate Modern. Works by Latin America artists concerned with the intersection of history, nature and ...
Tate Modern Exhibition

Jeff Wall: Photographs 1978–2004

21 Oct 2005 – 8 Jan 2006
Jeff Wall Photographs 1978–2004; past exhibition at Tate Modern
Tate Britain Exhibition

Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde

12 Sep 2012 – 13 Jan 2013
Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde: Tate Britain exhibition until 13 January 2013 bringing together over 150 works in different media, including painting ...
Tate Modern Exhibition

Fischli & Weiss: Flowers & Questions. A Retrospective

11 Oct 2006 – 14 Jan 2007
Fischli & Weiss: Flowers & Question. A Retrospective
Tate Liverpool Exhibition

VITAL: Three Contemporary African Artists

13 Oct – 10 Dec 1995
VITAL: Three Contemporary African Artists past exhibition at Tate Liverpool. Farid Belkahia, Touhami Ennadre and Cyprien Tokoudagba 1995
Tate Britain Exhibition

Book Illustration of the Sixties

18 Jan – 31 Dec 1923
Book Illustration of the Sixties: past Tate Britain exhibition
Tate Liverpool Exhibition

Project Space: Rut Blees Luxemburg: Phantom

5 Feb – 6 Apr 2003
Project Space: Rut Blees Luxemburg Phantom past exhibition at Tate Britain 2003
Tate Modern Exhibition

Time Zones: Recent film and video

6 Oct 2004 – 2 Jan 2005
Time Zones Recent Film and Video from international artists past exhibition at Tate Modern 2004
Tate Modern Exhibition

Marlene Dumas: The Image as Burden

5 Feb – 10 May 2015
This large-scale survey of Marlene Dumas is the most significant exhibition of her work ever to be held in Europe ...
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Photography refers to the process or practice of creating a photograph – an image produced by the action of light ...