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Pop goes the past: Lichtenstein: A Retrospective at Tate Modern I

Marco Livingstone

Roy Lichtenstein was widely regarded as one of the key figures of American Pop Art. A pioneer of a new ...


Nine Ways Artists responded to the First World War

Inspired by our Aftermath: Art in the Wake of World War One exhibition, we take a look at some of ...


Moving pictures

Sheena Wagstaff

Robert Ryman was a young artist in New York when he met Barnett Newman. He discusses the late artist’s aesthetic ...


Answers to our collection colour palette quiz!

So, how did you get on? Tally up your points according to the answers below and find out just how ...

Look Closer

Lifestyle and Legacy of the Bloomsbury Group

Privileged bohemians who dabbled in the arts – or creatives who made an important contribution to the development of modern ...

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If at first you don't succeed, celebrate: Failure

Lisa Le Feuvre

Lisa Le Feuvre on Failure, Tate Etc issue 19, Spring 2010


Surrealism was a movement which began in the 1920s of writers and artists (including Salvador Dalí and René Magritte), who experimented with ways ...

Martin Kippenberger: biography

Martin Kippenberger past exhibition at Tate Modern 2006 biography

Artist interview: Manolo Valdés (Equipo Crónica)

Interview with the artist Manolo Valdés (Equipo Crónica), included in the World Goes Pop exhibition at Tate Modern.
Press Release
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Q&A: Lisa Brice

Lisa Brice and Aïcha Mehrez

We talk to the artist as her Art Now exhibition opens at Tate Britain

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Between terror and ecstasy: Artistic hallucination

Jean-François Chevrier

Stories of hallucinations in art and literature date back to the Bible, but the idea of the artistic hallucination is ...


A reputation restored: The rediscovery of sculptor Ronald Moody

Guy Brett

Self-taught wood-carver Ronald Moody, a former dentist born in Jamaica, is revealed as one of Britain's most remarkable Modernist ...


The Bronze Age: Henry Moore

Chris Turner

Henry Moore's global fame cast a huge shadow over a generation of younger British sculptors. Chris Turner examines the ...

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Lights, camera, ...metamorphosis: Salvador Dalí

Ian Christie

Salvador Dalí as filmmaker? A strange idea to those who think he was little more than a one-time collaborator with ...

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MicroTate 8

Francis Wells , Alexa de Ferranti , Desmond Morris , Dan Hays and Jim Drain

Francis Wells on Luke Fildes’s The Doctor 1891, Alexa de Ferranti on William Hogarth’s The Painter and his Pug 1745 ...

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The ambiguous pleasures of Puritanism: William Scott at Tate St Ives

David Anfam

William Scott (1913–1989) is known for his still lifes, landscapes and nudes produced over a 60-year period. A friend ...


Nicholas Serota in conversation with Simon Schama

As Tate Modern celebrates its 10th Birthday, Jan Dalley of the Financial Times hosts this discussion between Tate Director Nicholas ...

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Playing the system: Cildo Meireles II

Mark Godfrey

Mark Godfrey asks three artists to describe projects in which they have adopted the strategy of insertion, using Meireles's ...

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'We will go right up to the sun': The EY Exhibition: Sonia Delaunay

Juliet Bingham

An important figure in the Parisian avant-garde, Sonia Delaunay (1885–1979) brought extraordinary inventiveness to a range of works, which ...