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Through the eyes of a child: Art Toys

Christopher Turner

Christopher Turner on Art Toys, Tate Etc issue 19, Summer 2010
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A portrait is a representation of a particular person. A self-portrait is a portrait of the artist by the artist

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Found object

A found object is a natural or man-made object, or fragment of an object, that is found (or sometimes bought ...

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Three-dimensional art made by one of four basic processes: carving, modelling, casting, constructing

Tate Etc

Where there's life, there's...: George Frederic Watts's 'Hope'

Paul Barlow

Paul Barlow looks at George Frederic Watts’s Hope

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On the roll of a dice: Joan Miró II

Ernest Hemingway

When Miró was a penniless painter in Paris in the 1920s, he became friends with the writer Ernest Hemingway, who ...


Like what you see? A brief history of the art of appropriation

Sebastian Roach

Art's clever incorporation into advertising is an age old trick, (and vice versa thanks to Pop art), but what ...


Duncan Grant: Bathing Work of the Week, 12 April 2010

Kirstie Beaven

Since the sun is out, this week we've chosen Bathing by Duncan Grant as the second in our Work ...

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Appropriation in art and art history refers to the practice of artists using pre-existing objects or images in their art ...

Tate Etc

Tate Etc. issue 10: Summer 2007

Tate Etc. issue 10 online version of Tate's magazine

Who is Francis Bacon?

Mike Pinnington

Who is Francis Bacon? Learn more about the life and art of one of the twentieth century's greatest painters.

Lost Art: Wyndham Lewis

Jennifer Mundy

The Gallery of Lost Art is an immersive, online exhibition that tells the fascinating stories of artworks that have disappeared ...

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Hockney's World of Pictures

Martin Gayford

David Hockney (b.1937) remains one of the most celebrated and popular British artists of the 20th century. For more ...

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Medium can refer to both to the type of art (e.g. painting, sculpture, printmaking), as well as the materials ...

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The vorticists were a British avant-garde group formed in London in 1914 with the aim of creating art that expressed ...

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Tate Etc. issue 17: Autumn 2009

Tate Etc. Issue 17 Autumn 2009: Visiting and revisiting Art, etcetera online version of Tate's magazine
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Négritude was an anti-colonial cultural and political movement founded by a group of African and Caribbean students in Paris in ...

Tate Etc

The year of living dangerously – and anxiously

Florian Illies

Etc. Essay: Art at the crossroads

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Emma Marks

I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Coffee cups, lights, tea pots are flying past my nose at high speed. No ...