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Collection owner: Paul Nash Letters and papers of Paul Nash

[c.1894]–5 November 1951

Global Pop research symposium call for papers - November 2012

This research symposium at Tate Modern is part of a two-day event exploring the many manifestations of ‘Global Pop’, the ...
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Collection owner: John Banting Papers, photographs and correspondence of John Banting

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Collection owners: Thomas Cooper Gotch, Henry Scott Tuke The personal papers of Thomas Cooper Gotch (1854-1931) and Henry Scott Tuke (1858-1929)

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Collection owner: Eileen Agar Personal papers of and artworks by Eileen Agar

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Collection owner: Keith Vaughan Personal Papers of Keith Vaughan

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Collection owner: Sir Cedric Morris, Bt Personal papers of Cedric Morris and Arthur Lett-Haines

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Collection owner: Ronald Moody Papers of Ronald Moody


Call for Papers: Materials, Movements, Encounters. Modernist Art Networks and St Ives

Call for papers for the Tate St. Ives one-day conference, 'Materials, Movements, Encounters. Modernist Art Networks and St Ives' on ...
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Collection owner: Barbara Ker-Seymer The papers of Barbara Ker-Seymer

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Collection owner: Ian Breakwell Personal Papers of Ian Breakwell

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Collection owner: Stuart Brisley Personal papers of Stuart Brisley

Tate Papers

Duchamp, Childhood, Work and Play: The Vernissage for First Papers of Surrealism, New York, 1942

David Hopkins

Visitors to the opening of the First Papers of Surrealism exhibition in New York in 1942 were disorientated, not only ...

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Collection owner: Stanhope Alexander Forbes Papers of Stanhope Alexander Forbes (1857-1947)

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Collection owner: Marie-Louise Von Motesiczky The personal papers of Marie-Louise von Motesiczky

April 1823–[2006]

Elsie Few Wrapping Paper


Richard Smith Folded Paper Clip I

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Collection owner: Richard Eurich Papers of Richard Eurich

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Collection owner: Robert Adams Personal papers and artworks of Robert Adams