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Tate St Ives Exhibition

International Exchanges: Modern Art and St Ives 1915–1965

17 May - 28 Sep 2014
Tate St Ives exhibition from 2014 featuring the work of Peter Lanyon, Bernard Leach and Patrick Heron
Tate Britain Exhibition

James Gillray: The Art of Caricature

5 Jun – 2 Sep 2001
James Gillray: The Art of Caricature past exhibition at Tate Britain
Tate Britain Exhibition

Ethel Walker, Frances Hodgkins, Gwen John

7 May – 15 Jun 1952
Ethel Walker, Frances Hodgkins, Gwen John: past Tate Britain exhibition
Tate St Ives Exhibition

Into Seeing New: Roger Hilton

7 Oct 2006 – 21 Jan 2007
Into Seeing New: Roger Hilton past exhibition of drawings and paintings from the artist at Tate St Ives
Tate Liverpool Exhibition

Sylvia Sleigh

8 Feb – 3 May 2013
Painter Sylvia Sleigh, well-known for her explicit paintings of male nudes, exhibits at Tate Liverpool 2013. First UK retrospective, and ...
Tate Britain Exhibition

Audio Arts: Bill Furlong

5 Mar – 27 Apr 2007
The Audio Arts exhibition at Tate Britain in 2007 presents a selection of the archive of the innovative audio cassette-magazine ...
Tate St Ives Exhibition

Simon Starling: Recent History

5 Feb – 2 May 2011
Simon Starling: Recent History - past exhibition at Tate St Ives
Tate Modern Conference

Fast Forward: How do Women Work

30 Nov – 1 Dec 2019

Join this conference to discuss how framing of photographic practice can be reimagined

Tate Britain Tour

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Tate Modern Film

Shuji Terayama programme 2: Mothers

17 Mar 2012
Information about Programme 2 in the Shuji Terayama film series at Tate Modern.
Tate Britain Conference

Artist and Empire: New Dynamics: 1790 to the present day

24–26 Nov 2015
This major Tate Britain conference marks the opening of the exhibition Artist and Empire . Scholars, curators and artists including Frank ...
Tate Modern Talk

Calder, the conquest of time: Jed Perl in conversation with Alexander S. C. Rower

3 Oct 2017

Join Alexander S. C. Rower as he meets author Jed Perl at the launch of his new book

Tate Britain Talk

Haunters and the Haunted

14 Jan 2015
Hosted by Mark Fisher, Amy Ireland and Luke Pendrell
Tate Britain Talk

Exit or Escape?

15 Oct 2014
This session at Tate Britain will examine the tensions between exit and escape in relation to art, design and politics.
Tate Modern Course

Coloured Rhythms: Experiments in Abstraction: Led by artist Sarah Sparkes

8 Jun – 13 Jul 2015
This practical six week course takes inspiration from Tate Modern's exhibition The EY Exhibition: Sonia Delaunay of the influential ...
Tate Modern Film

Roy Lichtenstein

Every Sun, 7 Apr – 12 May 2013
Tate Modern film: In this film by acclaimed director Michael Blackwood, we travel to Lichtenstein's Long Island studio and ...
Tate Modern Course

FLIGHT: A collaboration of creative minds celebrating World Mental Health Day

10 Oct 2015
FLIGHT, Join us for an afternoon of dynamic, fun and creative workshops and installations celebrating positive mental health
Tate Modern Talk

Exhibition tour: Malevich with Christina Lodder

22 Sep 2014
Exhibition tour of the Malevich exhibition at Tate Modern with Christina Lodder, 22 September 2014 18.30–20.30
Tate Liverpool Special Event

Rolling around like gorillas on the incline: opening the imaginary in architecture and the arts: One day symposium

23 Oct 2014
A one day symposium taking place at Tate Liverpool as part of the Liverpool Biennial 2014. Looking at the work ...
Tate Modern Conference

Mira Schendel conference

16 Nov 2012, 17 Nov 2012
Mira Schendel conference at Tate Modern, 16-17 November 2012