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BP Saturdays: Going Public - Michael Landy

Artist Michael Landy, who once famously distroyed all his possessions in the performance Break Down, talks about his practice in …

Look Closer

Keith Vaughan: Under the Skin

Uncover the thoughts and processes of painter Keith Vaughan

Behind The Scenes

Re-framing Constable

How do you frame a masterpiece? Go behind the scenes and discover the process of making a frame at Tate


Artist Eileen Agar discusses Angel of Anarchy

Artist Eileen Agar discusses her work, Angel of Anarchy, as part of the Tate Britain mobile tour


Dr Karen Hearn on 'Portrait of Captain Thomas Lee'

Audio, Dr Karen Hearn, curator and art historian, on Marcus Gheeraerts, Captain Thomas Lee, in Artist and Empire, Tate Britain


Modern Paint Podcast - Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse The Snail 1953


Dr Karen Hearn on the construction of an image

Audio by Karen Hearn on construction of an image in room 4 power dressing in the Tate Britain Exhibition Artist …


Walks of art: Emma Gannon on Barbara Hepworth and St Ives

Discover a place known for its pottery, boats, beaches and beatniks