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Participant Biographies

Participant Biographies; Tate Papers no.8, following the Inherent Vice confernece on the replication of fragile and disintegrating scultpure

Forgotten Faces

Caroline Corbeau-Parsons

Forgotten Faces comprises seventeen portraits or figure paintings and three sculptures ranging between 1896 – a year before the foundation of ...

Press Release

Casual beauty

Jeremy Millar

Jeremy Millar surveys the photoscape of this Turner Prize-winning artist

Conceptual art

Conceptual art is art for which the idea (or concept) behind the work is more important than the finished art ...

In Focus

Casting Wrestlers

Sarah Victoria Turner

Sarah Victoria Turner explores the circumstances of the making of the relief and the posthumous cast of Wrestlers by Henri ...


Craft is a form of making which generally produces an object that has a function: such as something you can ...


The term site-specific refers to a work of art designed specifically for a particular location and that has an interrelationship ...

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Tate Papers

The Aesthetics of Collaboration: Complicity and Conversion at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies

John R. Blakinger

This essay uses new archival sources to reconstruct the aesthetics – and ethics – of collaboration at Gyorgy Kepes’s Center for ...


Lynne Tillman on Andy Warhol

The American novelist and cultural critic Lynne Tillman got to know the crowd of Warhol's Factory when she interviewed ...

Anne Bean (Legacy: Thinker In Residence Awards)

Artist biography for Live Art artist Anne Bean in association with the 2008 the Live Art Development Agency and Tate ...

Buried treasure

Frances Spalding

The Tate Archive is no longer a dusty destination of interest only to experts: now you can explore it from ...


Five key works from Malevich at Tate Modern

Curator Achim Borchardt-Hume picks out some of the key works from Tate Modern’s retrospective of radical Russian artist Kazimir ...

Tate Etc

The whispering Zeitgeist: Caspar David Friedrich

Beat Wyss

The image of a monk standing by an empty sea soon became an icon of German Romanticism. However, in the ...

Tate Etc

Patrick Heron: A Life of Many Dimensions

Katharine Heron and Susanna Heron

Patrick Heron's daughters celebrate some lesser-known aspects of the painter's life and work


Archives & Access project: John Piper’s Photographs of Britain

Martin Kenig

Many of you have helped us identify the previously unknown locations in our archive of photographs by John Piper. There ...


Art Maps project blog

Susan Stockwell

Art Maps was a fascinating project to be a part of. My role was to use the Art Maps web ...

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