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Tate Modern Workshop

The Word Exchange: With Arvon

16 Feb 2017, 17 Feb 2017

Meet emerging young writers as they explore and exchange their creative writing

Tate Britain Course

Writing the Landscape

20 Feb 2015
How has art and writing portrayed our relationship to the world around us? Can we change that relationship by reimagining ...
Tate Modern Film

Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

28 Oct 2016

Watch an absorbing cinematic study of footballer Zinédine Zidane in this film collaboration by two Collection artists

Tate Modern Film

TV as Material 1: Artists and Archive at the BBC

26 Sep 2014
TV as material 1: Artists and archive at the BBC film as part of TV as material film series at ...
Tate Britain Talk

Meet 500 Years of British Art Collection Tour: Landscape

4 Apr 2015, 5 Apr 2015
Take a tour of the British landscape through the eyes of Turner, Gainsborough and Constable, and see how modern artists ...
Tate Britain Tour

BSL TOUR: Found in Turner’s Studio: Seascapes

16 Sep 2017

Take a British Sign Language guided tour and discover Turner’s seascapes

Tate Britain Tour

Torchlight Turner tours

3 Dec 2016

Explore the world’s greatest collection of Turner works by torchlight 

Tate Britain Talk

Visual description tour: J.M.W. Turner

21 Jan 2013
Visual description tour: J.M.W. Turner, Tate Britain, 21 January 2012
Tate Britain Talk

Turner and digital writing: performance, installation, discussion

19 Jun 2013
Turner and digital writing: Performance, installation, discussion; Tate Btirain event, 19 June 2013
Tate Britain Course

Impressions in Print: The EY Exhibition: Late Turner

10 Oct – 14 Nov 2014
Explore J.M.W Turner’s late work through this hands-on printmaking course. Experiment with drypoint, collograph, chine colle and ...
Tate Britain Workshop

Bitter Sugar in the Walls, Noise Everywhere

23 Jun 2018

Experience live looping with artist Xana

Tate Britain Tour

Audio Description Tour: Fire and Water

16 Jul 2018

Blind and partially sighted visitors and companions are invited to join us to find out more about John Constable's masterpiece

Tate Britain Talk

On Perspective: From Turner to Today

21 Sep 2018

Join us for a special discussion on perspective in art and architecture ​

Tate Britain Workshop

Time for Success? Exploring Artistic Careers

27 Oct 2018

Join a participatory workshop exploring the relationship between time, success and art

Tate Britain Workshop

Resilience: Support in the Art World

10 Nov 2018

Join this participatory workshop to explore what artists and cultural professionals need to thrive

Tate Britain Talk

The Art of Moving Images

23 Nov 2018

Join our panel to discuss how the works in the 2018 Turner Prize relates to wider trends in contemporary moving ...

Tate Britain Festival

Tate Britain’s Winter Fair

15 Dec 2018

Step into a world of festive delights at our free Winter Fair

Tate Britain Talk

Ten Minute Talks: Turner Prize 2018

2 Dec 2018, 6 Dec 2018, 7 Dec 2018, 8 Dec 2018, 9 Dec 2018, 14 Dec 2018, 15 Dec 2018, 20 Dec 2018, 21 Dec 2018, 28 Dec 2018

Hear Tate staff and volunteers share their personal responses to artworks at Tate Britain

Tate St Ives Conference

Global Communities: Curating Modern Art Today

26–27 Apr 2019

Symposium exploring modernism in today’s art museums and galleries

Tate St Ives Festival

The Last Weekend

4–5 May 2019

Celebrate the last weekend of the Anna Boghiguian exhibition with a weekend of talks, film and performances