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Cy Twombly

John Squire on why he loves Cy Twombly


Richard Wright: The Sleeping Congregation

'We speak about contemporary art as something that is sort of just not getting through, that is somehow boring'


What makes an artist? Grayson Perry in conversation with Sarah Thornton

Who do artists think they are? What myths are they rejecting and propagating? What is the social role of artists ...


How can archives inspire you?

Discover ways that different groups use, make and enjoy archives


Mark Titchner: Studio visit

Casts of pig's rib cages, burnt wood carvings and a cement mixer are just some of the things the artist ...


Modern Paint Podcast - Fiona Rae

Fiona Rae Night Vision 1998

In the Gallery

Audio Highlight Tour: Walk Through British Art

Listen to artists, curators and conservators talk about key artworks in Tate Britain