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Student Resource

Events and Issues Exam Help

A look at how artists have responded to personal, historical, symbolic or headline-grabbing events and issues

Tate Papers

Critical Dilation: How William Hazlitt Judged Paintings

Paul Hamilton

For William Hazlitt paintings become politically charged when their self-contained worlds make us aware of our creative potential for renewing ...


Archives & Access: Learning outreach and volunteering programmes

Using the Tate Archive as a tool for learning and engagement

Student Resource

Weather Exam Help

From sun worshipers, cloud gazers and storm chasers to artists who use the weather to explore broader themes and ideas

Student Resource

Materials Exam Help

From 'usual' to unlikely art materials: explore textures, qualities, techniques and symbolism of things artists use to make their work

Tate Papers

Constable’s Sketch for Hadleigh Castle: A Technical Examination

Natasha Duff

Constable (1776–1837) made one of his characteristic 'six footer' oil sketches in preparation for Hadleigh Castle which he exhibited ...

Tate Etc

A nuclear masquerade: Project for a Masquerade at Tate St Ives

Simon Starling

On the eve of his exhibition at Tate St Ives, the former Turner Prize winner introduces a fascinating project that ...

Student Resource

Diary Exam Help

From sketchbooks to video diaries and the everyday to big life events, explore how artists use diaries to record the ...

Tate Papers

Participant Biographies

Participant Biographies; Tate Papers no.8, following the Inherent Vice confernece on the replication of fragile and disintegrating scultpure
Student Resource

The Elements Exam Help

From facing the elements to the four elements, explore ideas for your art and design exam

Look Closer

Explore Constable's places

In a letter to his close friend John Fisher, Constable said ‘I should paint my own places best’. Discover John ...

Tate Papers

Tate Digital Strategy 2013–15: Digital as a Dimension of Everything

John Stack

Through the development of a holistic digital proposition there is an opportunity to use the digital to deliver Tate’s ...


Forgotten Faces

Caroline Corbeau-Parsons

Forgotten Faces comprises seventeen portraits or figure paintings and three sculptures ranging between 1896 – a year before the foundation of ...


Casual beauty

Jeremy Millar

Jeremy Millar surveys the photoscape of this Turner Prize-winning artist

In the Gallery

A Walk Through British Art by Tate's BAME Network

Hear how voices from our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Network respond to being or not being represented by the ...

In Focus

Casting Wrestlers

Sarah Victoria Turner

Sarah Victoria Turner explores the circumstances of the making of the relief and the posthumous cast of Wrestlers by Henri ...
Tate Etc

The whispering Zeitgeist: Caspar David Friedrich

Beat Wyss

The image of a monk standing by an empty sea soon became an icon of German Romanticism. However, in the ...

Archives & Access Toolkit

Supporting learning and participation with archives

Reflecting on the role of outreach and reaching widened audiences


Reading List: Power, Visibility and Truth in Art

Thick/er Black Lines

These texts chosen by Thick/er Black Lines, explore these themes in art, the gallery space and society


Lynne Tillman on Andy Warhol

The American novelist and cultural critic Lynne Tillman got to know the crowd of Warhol's Factory when she interviewed ...