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Tate Papers

The Aesthetics of Collaboration: Complicity and Conversion at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies

John R. Blakinger

This essay uses new archival sources to reconstruct the aesthetics – and ethics – of collaboration at Gyorgy Kepes’s Center ...


John Martin: here comes the Flood

Martin Myrone

This is John Martin’s ‘Eve of the Deluge’, one of a pair of paintings on the theme of the biblical ...

Tate Etc

Patrick Heron: A Life of Many Dimensions

Katharine Heron and Susanna Heron

Patrick Heron's daughters celebrate some lesser-known aspects of the painter's life and work

Behind The Scenes

Archives & Access project: John Piper’s Photographs of Britain

Martin Kenig

Many of you have helped us identify the previously unknown locations in our archive of photographs by John Piper. There are ...

Tate Etc

Style matters: Alex Katz in conversation

Martin Clark

The artistic director of Tate St Ives visited one of America’s most respected artists working today, in his New York ...

In Focus

The Painting

Amy Concannon

Tate Research In Focus project on John Constable's Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831

Tate Etc

But is it installation art?

Claire Bishop

What does the term ‘installation art’ mean? Does it apply to big dark rooms that you stumble into to watch ...

Tate Papers

Critical Dilation: How William Hazlitt Judged Paintings

Paul Hamilton

For William Hazlitt paintings become politically charged when their self-contained worlds make us aware of our creative potential for renewing ...

Tate Papers

Sir Edward Manton's Glebe: Completing the Provenance of Constable's Glebe Farm Sketch c.1830

Douglas Congdon-Martin

When John Constable’s sketch of The Glebe Farm was formally presented to Tate Britain in 2006, after the death of ...

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Colour me British: Watercolour I

Klaus Kertess , Jerry Brotton , Vidya Gastaldon , David Attenborough , Jennifer Higgie , Silke Otto-Knapp , Matsui Fuyuko , Deanna Petherbridge and David Musgrave

Tate Britain is staging a grand survey of watercolour painting in Great Britain, from the early thirteenth century through to ...

Exhibition Guide

Rachel Whiteread

Find out more about our exhibition at Tate Britain

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Large legacy of the little Spaniard

James Hall

Picasso and Modern British Art at Tate Britain I

Tate Papers

Edward Hopper and British Artists

David Fraser Jenkins

This article examines the changes in Edward Hopper’s painting style during his stays in Paris between 1906 to 1910, and ...

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Cultivated minds: The art of the garden

Martin Postle and Christoph Becker

Martin Postle talks to Christoph Becker about artists and the inspiration of their gardens

Look Closer

Constable's legacy and influence

Discover how Constable ensured the circulation and longevity of his masterpieces and explore his influence on later generations of artists

In the Gallery

Women and Power: A walk through Tate Britain

Explore stories of women’s empowerment across the centuries through works in our collection


The Bronze Age: Henry Moore

Chris Turner

Henry Moore's global fame cast a huge shadow over a generation of younger British sculptors. Chris Turner examines the Oedipal ...

Student Resource

Dynamism and Movement Exam Help

Explore how artists use marks and colour to suggest motion or make kinetic, performance and video art to explore movement

Tate Papers

As Seen: Modern British Painting and Visual Experience

Robert Pepperell and Louise Hughes

During the twentieth century several important British artists began to paint features of visual experience rarely ever painted before, including ...

Tate Papers

‘Are We as a Society Going to Carry on Treating People This Way?’ Michael Landy’s Scrapheap Services

Sean Rainbird

During the 1990s Michael Landy made four major installations, including Scrapheap Services, 1995. Although motivated by personal concerns, these installations ...