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Teaching Resource

Animals in Art

Discover animal artworks and fun activities to use in your classroom


Five Things to Know: Pablo Picasso

He may be one of the world's most recognisable artists, but did you know these five facts about him?


The Harvey Family 1721: By Godfrey Kneller

Rica Jones and Joyce H. Townsend

Read technical information about this painting resulting from examination and scientific analysis by conservators and conservation scientists at Tate

Teaching Resource

Colour and Shape

How is colour and shape used to create art? Discover colourful artworks and fun activities to use in your classroom


Eight things to know: Alberto Giacometti

Explore the life and work of this celebrated sculptor and painter

Tate Etc

Veils of perfection: The EY Exhibition: Late Turner - Painting Set Free

The Swiss mountain known as the Rigi, overlooking Lake Lucerne and its surrounding valleys, was a subject to which Turner ...


Five Things to Know: Keith Haring

Explore the life and work of this artist and activist


When Alberto Giacometti met Samuel Beckett

From their sense of style, to their late-night run-ins, explore the friendship between the artist and playwright and discover the ...

Tate Etc

Private view: Richard Dadd

Sigmar Polke

Richard Dadd was not only extremely well educated, he was on his way to becoming a full-blooded representative of Victorian ...

Tate Etc

A cacophony for a formidable iconoclast: Martin Kippenberger

Alison M. Gingeras , Gisela Capitain , Roberto Ohrt , John Baldessari , Jutta Koether , Urs Fischer and Piotr Uklanski

Alison Gingeras, John Baldessari, Gisela Capitain, and others on Martin Kippenberger, Tate Etc. issue 06

Tate Etc

The unholy trinity: Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia

Bernard Marcadé

To coincide with the first exhibition to explore the inter-relationship between Duchamp, Man Ray and Picabia, to be staged at ...

Student Resource

Letters and Words Exam Help

From letters and words that add texture to words that make you think and act, discover how artists use letters ...

Tate Etc

'Despite all my rage, / I'm still just a rat in a cage!'

Charlie Fox

Cages, cells and small rooms – the notion of the contained space has been used to great effect by artists over ...

Tate Etc

The drink that fuelled a nation's art: Degas, Sickert and Toulouse-Lautrec

Jad Adams

The Green Goddess haunted a nation and fuelled its art, including that of Degas, Sickert and Toulouse-Lautrec.

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Art, culture and camouflage

Roy R. Behrens

In 1896 the American artist Abbott H. Thayer published an article on how animals protected themselves with the use of ...

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The reversibility of the real: Pierre Huyghe

Nicolas Bourriaud

The French art critic Nicholas Bourriaud examines the ways in which Pierre Huyghe enjoys upsetting traditional expectations of how art ...

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Nine to five: John Baldessari

Christopher Miles

The American artist John Baldessari has influenced several generations of younger artists, and has, since the 1960s, consistently renegotiated his ...

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Dorothea Tanning: The Shape-shifter

Lauren Elkin

Dorothea Tanning was an American painter, sculptor, writer and poet whose seven-decade career ranged from powerful early paintings that were ...

In Focus

Ede’s Gift

Sarah Victoria Turner

Sarah Victoria Turner explores the relationship between H.S. [Jim] Ede and Wrestlers by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska for Tate In Focus.

Tate Etc

Something borrowed, something new: René Magritte I

Neil Matheson

Magritte’s particular style of Surrealism, to be explored in a new show at Tate Liverpool, has become a favourite ...