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Tate Etc

Nine to five: John Baldessari

Christopher Miles

The American artist John Baldessari has influenced several generations of younger artists, and has, since the 1960s, consistently renegotiated his …

Tate Etc

Telling stories with a life of their own: Francis Alÿs

Edward Platt

His projects have included pushing a block of ice around Mexico City until it melted, letting a fox loose in …

In Focus

Context and Conception

Erika Balsom

This In Focus project explores the production context of The Girl Chewing Gum and charts its intersections with debates concerning …


Five Things to Know: Keith Haring

Explore the life and work of this artist and activist

Tate Papers

Via della Fontanella 4: John Gibson’s Workshop in Rome

Anna Frasca-Rath

The studio of John Gibson was one of the largest workshops in Rome during the artist’s lifetime, serving as both …

Tate Etc

Artists, art, the media and the public: Turner Prize

Enrico David , Roger Hiorns , Lucy Skaer , Richard Wright and Darian Leader

Each year the Turner Prize generates media coverage which gives only a fleeting idea of the practice of the artists …

Tate Papers

On the Evolution of a Peer-led Programmme: Tate Forum

Rebecca Sinker

This paper reflects on the development of Tate Forum, Tate Britain’s peer-led youth group (established 2002), drawing on interviews with …

Tate Papers

Two Exhibition-Related Films by Jef Cornelis: Landmark Exhibitions Issue

Koen Brams

This discussion of two films made for television in 1971 by Flemish filmmaker Jef Cornelis brings into relief an underlying …

In Focus

Streets and Traffic (In Photographs)

Stephanie Schwartz

Tate In Focus research project exploring Waiting for Tear Gas 1999–2000 by Allan Sekula

In Focus

Interview with Eleanor Antin

Eleanor Antin and Lucy Bradnock

Tate Etc

The Exquisite Corpse is alive and well: Collaboration

Anne Ellegood

The exquisite corpse is alive and well; Anne Ellegood on Collaboration, Tate Etc. issue 18 Spring 2010

Tate Etc

The deliberate accident in art: Blots

Christopher Turner

Ever since Leonardo da Vinci urged artists to search for inspiration in the dirt on walls or the streaked patterns …

Tate Etc

Hold still: Performing for the Camera at Tate Modern

Liz Jobey

Photography changed the way we look at ourselves and how we might act in front of a camera. But it …

Tate Etc

The art of writing with people: Art and dance

Catherine Wood

The practice of choreographed movement has never been merely about decorative spectacle, but as artists and performers have shown throughout …

In the Gallery

A Queer Walk Through British Art

Discover queer responses to our collection at Tate Britain, curated by members of the LGBTQ+ community at Tate and beyond


Polke dots

A.S. Byatt

Sausages and potatoes, fairytale images and the dots of newspaper photographs – Sigmar Polke explores modern reality through an extraordinary …

Student Resource

Habitats Coursework Guide

From art about home life to art that highlights the impact of climate change and pollution on natural habitats

Tate Etc

A stubborn cornerstone at the onset of modernism: Henri Rousseau

Dexter Dalwood and Nancy Ireson

Dexter Dalwood and Nancy Ireson explore the enduring influence and legacy of the self-taught French artist Henri Rousseau

Tate Etc

Drawing the vortex: The Vorticists II

Mark Antliff

The British avant-garde group was formed in London in 1914 by the artist, writer and polemicist Wyndham Lewis. Their idea, …