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Tate Papers

Surviving Reality: Lee Bontecou’s Worldscapes

Jo Applin

This article focuses on American artist Lee Bonteco’s drawing practice during the early 1960s, focusing in particular on Drawing 1961. ...

Tate Papers

Emila Medková: The Magic of Despair

Krzysztof Fijałkowski

The work of Emila Medková (1928–1985) is a remarkable example of surrealist documentary photography. A central member of the post-war ...


Tate Papers

Milton, Lucy Hutchinson, and the Lucretian Sublime: The Sublime Object

David Norbrook

Lucretius’s De rerum natura is a neglected source for the emergence of the theory and practice of the sublime in ...

In Focus

The Painting: Making and Meaning

Ayla Lepine

Tate Research In Focus project on The Deluge 1920 by Winifred Knights

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The Fall of Anarchy: Politics and Anatomy in an Enigmatic Painting by J.M.W. Turner

Sam Smiles

The subject of Turner’s mysterious unfinished painting, known today as Death on a Pale Horse, is a problem that has ...

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Sir Edward Manton's Glebe: Completing the Provenance of Constable's Glebe Farm Sketch c.1830

Douglas Congdon-Martin

When John Constable’s sketch of The Glebe Farm was formally presented to Tate Britain in 2006, after the death of ...

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Emerson’s Evolution

Carl Fuldner

British photographer Peter Henry Emerson’s dramatic recantation of his beliefs about photography and art forms a canonical yet perplexing episode ...

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The Three Dancers 1925 by Pablo Picasso

Annette King , Joyce H. Townsend and Bronwyn Ormsby

Devastated by the death of a friend in 1925, Picasso painted this ‘dance’ of intertwined sinister figures, the story and ...

In Focus

Adam: An Early Exhibition and Ownership History

James Finch

In Focus project on Adam (1951, 1952) by Barnett Newman, authored by Michael Schreyach with contributions by Michael Leja and ...

Tate Papers

Gothic Romance and the Quixotic Hero:A Pageant for Henry Fuseli in 1783

Martin Myrone

Henry Fuseli (1741–1825) was one of the most inventive artists of his age, exploring the strange and fantastic in a ...

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Dust and Doubt: The Deserts and Galaxies of Vija Celmins

Stephanie Straine

This article considers one work on paper by Vija Celmins in the ARTIST ROOMS collection: Untitled (Desert–Galaxy) 1974. In a ...

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Paolozzi’s Pop New Brutalist World: Rothenstein Lecture

Alex Potts

In its engagement with mass media and modern industry, the work of Eduardo Paolozzi combined pop tendencies with the logic ...

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Performing Pop: Marta Minujín and the ‘Argentine Image-Makers’

Catherine Spencer

The June 1966 issue of Arts Magazine heralded the Argentine artist Marta Minujín’s arrival on the international art scene as ...

Tate Papers

‘Truth of Character from Truth of Feeling’: William Hazlitt, ‘Gusto’ and the Linguistic History of Writing on Art

Paul Tucker

Adapting and applying speech act theories of language use, this paper offers a new understanding of the innovative import of ...