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Tate Papers

To the Ends of the Earth: Art and Environment: Art & Environment

Nicholas Alfrey , Stephen Daniels and Joy Sleeman

Introducing the group of articles devoted to the theme of ‘Art & Environment’ in Tate Papers no.17, this essay reflects on changing perceptions …

Tate Papers

Surviving Reality: Lee Bontecou’s Worldscapes

Jo Applin

This article focuses on American artist Lee Bonteco’s drawing practice during the early 1960s, focusing in particular on Drawing 1961. …

Tate Papers

Emila Medková: The Magic of Despair

Krzysztof Fijałkowski

The work of Emila Medková (1928–1985) is a remarkable example of surrealist documentary photography. A central member of the post-war …

Tate Papers

Milton, Lucy Hutchinson, and the Lucretian Sublime: The Sublime Object

David Norbrook

Lucretius’s De rerum natura is a neglected source for the emergence of the theory and practice of the sublime in …


In Focus

The Painting: Making and Meaning

Ayla Lepine

Tate Research In Focus project on The Deluge 1920 by Winifred Knights

Tate Papers

The Fall of Anarchy: Politics and Anatomy in an Enigmatic Painting by J.M.W. Turner

Sam Smiles

The subject of Turner’s mysterious unfinished painting, known today as Death on a Pale Horse, is a problem that has …

Tate Papers

Sir Edward Manton's Glebe: Completing the Provenance of Constable's Glebe Farm Sketch c.1830

Douglas Congdon-Martin

When John Constable’s sketch of The Glebe Farm was formally presented to Tate Britain in 2006, after the death of …

Tate Papers

Emerson’s Evolution

Carl Fuldner

British photographer Peter Henry Emerson’s dramatic recantation of his beliefs about photography and art forms a canonical yet perplexing episode …

Tate Papers

The Three Dancers 1925 by Pablo Picasso

Annette King , Joyce H. Townsend and Bronwyn Ormsby

Devastated by the death of a friend in 1925, Picasso painted this ‘dance’ of intertwined sinister figures, the story and …

In Focus

Adam: An Early Exhibition and Ownership History

James Finch

In Focus project on Adam (1951, 1952) by Barnett Newman, authored by Michael Schreyach with contributions by Michael Leja and …

Tate Papers

Gothic Romance and the Quixotic Hero:A Pageant for Henry Fuseli in 1783

Martin Myrone

Henry Fuseli (1741–1825) was one of the most inventive artists of his age, exploring the strange and fantastic in a …

Tate Papers

Dust and Doubt: The Deserts and Galaxies of Vija Celmins

Stephanie Straine

This article considers one work on paper by Vija Celmins in the ARTIST ROOMS collection: Untitled (Desert–Galaxy) 1974. In a …

Tate Papers

Paolozzi’s Pop New Brutalist World: Rothenstein Lecture

Alex Potts

In its engagement with mass media and modern industry, the work of Eduardo Paolozzi combined pop tendencies with the logic …

Tate Papers

Performing Pop: Marta Minujín and the ‘Argentine Image-Makers’

Catherine Spencer

The June 1966 issue of Arts Magazine heralded the Argentine artist Marta Minujín’s arrival on the international art scene as …

Tate Papers

‘Truth of Character from Truth of Feeling’: William Hazlitt, ‘Gusto’ and the Linguistic History of Writing on Art

Paul Tucker

Adapting and applying speech act theories of language use, this paper offers a new understanding of the innovative import of …