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234 items

Collection owner: Duncan Grant, recipient: Duncan Grant Letters from Vanessa Bell to Duncan Grant

183 items

Collection owner: Paul Nash Letters and papers of Paul Nash

[c.1894]–5 November 1951
54 items

Collection owner: Eileen Agar Letters and postcards from Paul Nash to Eileen Agar

169 items

Collection owner: Paul Nash, recipient: Margaret Nash Letters from Paul Nash to Margaret Nash

13 items

Collection owner: Sir Jacob Epstein Letters from Jacob Epstein to Peggy Jean and Norman Hornstein

26 June [1953]–20 January [1959]
3 items

Collection owner: Ronald Moody Letters from Indira Gandhi

25 May 1957–28 June 1958
155 items

Collection owner: Ethel Sands, recipient: Ethel Sands Letters from Walter Sickert to Nan Hudson and Ethel Sands

681 items

Collection owner: Charleston Trust (Lewes, UK), recipient: Vanessa Bell Letters to Vanessa Bell

300 items

Collection owner: Kenneth Armitage Letters from Kenneth Armitage to Joan Moore

5 items

Collection owner: Gustav Kahnweiler, recipients: Gustav Kahnweiler, Elisabeth ‘Elly’ Kahnweiler Nine postcards and a letter from Henry Moore to Gustav and Elisabeth ‘Elly’ Kahnweiler

13 items

Collection owner: Paul Nash, recipient: William Harry Nash Letters from John Nash to members of the Nash family

March 1913–[1917]
1 item

Collection owner: Paul Nash, recipient: Paul Nash Letters between Paul Nash and various correspondents

[c.1894]–5 November 1951
1 item

Collection owners: John Piper, Myfanwy Piper Letters to John and Myfanwy Piper

36 items

Collection owner: John Humphrey Spender Letters, drawings and a sketchbook from John Banting to Humphrey Spender

1 item

Collection owner: Ronald Moody Letter to Karl Broodhagen

14 December 1960

Recipient: Elias Canetti Letter to Elias Canetti

17 August [1949]

Recipient: Elias Canetti Letter to Elias Canetti

9 August [1952]