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Inside Letter to the Censors

Explore Garaicoa’s installation Letter to the Censors, looking at its inspirations, materials and conservation


Anthony Burrill: To the Letter

Graphic artist, print-maker and designer Anthony Burrill speaks to us about his creative career, fascination with fonts and wondering around ...

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A print is an impression made by any method involving transfer from one surface to another

Tate Papers

Representation and Reputation: Barbara Hepworth’s Relationships with her American and British Dealers

Emma Roberts

After the Second World War Barbara Hepworth sought to raise her profile in America, but her attempts to do so ...

Tate Papers

Barbara Hepworth and Gimpel Fils: The Rise and Fall of an Artist-Dealer Relationship

Alice Correia

Records held in the Gimpel Fils Gallery Archive in London shed new light on Barbara Hepworth’s relationship with her ...


American Painting in London, 1946

Caroline M. Riley

Presented at the Tate Gallery in 1946, American Painting: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day was the first ...

Tate Papers

The Purloined Landscape: Photography and Power in the American West

John Beck

John Beck argues that Edgar Allan Poe’s story ‘The Purloined Letter’ (1844) about a secret hidden in plain sight ...

Tate Papers

‘The Whole Question of Plinths’ in Barbara Hepworth’s 1968 Tate Retrospective

Eleanor Clayton

In 1968 Barbara Hepworth was honoured with a significant retrospective at the Tate Gallery. This paper offers a close reading ...

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The story of Omega Workshops

Discover the fascinating story of the Omega Workshops, whose Bloomsbury artists brought abstract shapes and bold colours from modern art ...

In Focus

Checking the Boxes

Alex Taylor

Tate In Focus research project exploring Black Wall 1959 by Louise Nevelson | Checking the Boxes
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A variety of stencil printing, using a screen made from fabric (silk or synthetic) stretched tightly over a frame

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Omega Workshops

Founded in 1913 by the painter and art critic Roger Fry, the Omega Workshops was an English applied arts company ...

In Focus

Ede’s Gift

Sarah Victoria Turner

Sarah Victoria Turner explores the relationship between H.S. [Jim] Ede and Wrestlers by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska for Tate In Focus.

Yves Klein 1928–62Paintings, Sculpture and Documents 1974

Acatia Finbow

Case study examining Yves Klein in the exhibition Paintings, Reliefs and Objects 1974, published as part of Performance at Tate ...

Five things to know: Gordon Bennett

Meet one of Australia’s most important contemporary artists, whose bold and playful works explore the politics of identity

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Lifestyle and Legacy of the Bloomsbury Group

Privileged bohemians who dabbled in the arts – or creatives who made an important contribution to the development of modern ...