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In Focus

The Painting and the Frame

Tate Research In Focus project on Dancers on a Plane 1980–1 by Jasper Johns

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Drawing in the Dark: Involuntary Drawing

Susan Morris

Susan Morris approaches the subject of involuntary drawing from the point of view of an artist trying to make a …

Tate Papers

Francis Bacon: Back to Degas: Rothenstein Lecture 2011

Martin Hammer

Providing the first focused account of Francis Bacon’s artistic dialogue with Edgar Degas, Martin Hammer argues that the French painter …

Tate Papers

Van Dyck and Tapestry in England

Simon Turner

Van Dyck first came to England in 1620, when the Surrey-based Mortlake Manufactory began making tapestries. Simon Turner considers whether …

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Zen as a Transnational Current in Post-War Art: The Case of Mira Schendel

Majella Munro

In this paper Majella Munro proposes that Zen can be applied as a transnational intellectual framework for the analysis of …

In Focus

Iconic Portraits: Revising the Canon

Anna Arabindan-Kesson

Tate Research In Focus study on Family Jules: NNN (No Naked Niggahs) 1974 by Barkley L. Hendricks

Tate Papers

Commitment and Desire in Sharon Hayes’s Ricerche: three 2013

Larne Abse Gogarty

This article examines Sharon Hayes’s video work Ricerche: three 2013 and the way it represents and mediates the often-painful psychic …

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George Elgar Hicks’s Woman’s Mission and the Apotheosis of the Domestic

Kendall Smaling Wood

Tracing the evolution of the domestic in English cultural discourse over the first half of the nineteenth century, this paper …

Tate Papers

The Geometry of Syntactics, Semantics and Pragmatics: Anthony Hill’s Concrete Paintings

Sam Gathercole

Between 1952 and 1956, the British artist Anthony Hill made a small number of abstract, concrete paintings before turning away …