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Five things to know about Gordon Bennett

Meet one of Australia’s most important contemporary artists, whose bold and playful works explore the politics of identity

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Otto Dix and Paul Nash: Views from the First World War

Otto Dix and Paul Nash: Views from the First World War


Piero Manzoni 1933–63Paintings, Reliefs and Objects 1974

Acatia Finbow

Case study on Piero Manzoni in the exhibition Paintings, Reliefs and Objects 1974, part of Performance at Tate: Into the …


David Sylvester: A British Critic in New York

James Finch

In 1960 the critic David Sylvester travelled to New York on a trip that marked a major change in his …

Behind The Scenes

Archives & Access project: the information behind the image

John Langdon

Transforming Tate Britain, Archives & Access

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A gift of sculpture: Tate Britain rehang In Focus I

Alice Correia

From his earliest days as a student in the 1920s to the 1950s when he was a Trustee and until …

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Lifestyle and Legacy of the Bloomsbury Group

Privileged bohemians who dabbled in the arts – or creatives who made an important contribution to the development of modern …

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‘More Impact than the Venice Biennale’: Demarco, Beuys and Strategy: Get Arts

Christian Weikop

In this essay Christian Weikop closely examines primary source correspondence and press material from the Richard Demarco Archive at the …

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Beuys is Dead: Long Live Beuys! Characterising Volition, Longevity, and Decision-Making in the Work of Joseph Beuys

Rachel Barker and Alison Bracker

Joseph Beuys’s use of unconventional materials, such as felt, wax, and fat, characterise his artworks. Whilst museums strive to obtain …

Look Closer

The Art of Bloomsbury

Take an in-depth look at the ideas, inspirations and development of the art of the Bloomsbury Group through the work …

In Focus

Casting Wrestlers

Sarah Victoria Turner

Sarah Victoria Turner explores the circumstances of the making of the relief and the posthumous cast of Wrestlers by Henri …

In Focus

An American in Paris

Sophie Cras

Tate In Focus research project exploring Parts of the Face: French Vocabulary Lesson 1961 by Larry Rivers

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We have mail: Behind the curtain

Lawrence Norfolk

In his third visit to the Tate archive, Lawrence Norfolk explores a movement that used post as its medium.

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Replication of Sculpture / Works of Art: Legal Guidelines

Tate Legal and Copyright Department

Tate Legal and Copyright Department, Replication of Sculpture / Works of Art: Legal Guidelines; Tate Papers no.8

Tate Papers

John Gibson’s Friendship with Charles Eastlake and its Importance in Securing Gibson’s Reputation in London

Susanna Avery-Quash

This article traces the fifty-year friendship between John Gibson and the artist and writer Charles Eastlake. It focuses on their …

Art Term

Unit One

British group formed by Paul Nash in 1933 to promote modern art, architecture and design


Lost Art: John Baldessari

Jennifer Mundy

The Gallery of Lost Art is an immersive, online exhibition that tells the fascinating stories of artworks that have disappeared. …