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In Focus

The Printed Collage

Christina Weyl

The Printed Collage, part of an In Focus research project on String Composition 128 1964 by Sue Fuller, authored by …


American Art under John Rothenstein, 1938–64

Alex J. Taylor

As Director of the Tate Gallery, John Rothenstein showed a commitment to transatlantic relations and a distinctly national view of …

In Focus

Bernard Perlin: Europe’s American

Aaron Rosen

Tate In Focus research project exploring Orthodox Boys 1948 by Bernard Perlin


Stuart Mugridge 'from Sowtontown' 1999

'from Sowtontown' is an artist book by Stuart Mugridge


Ewa Partum born 1945Visual Poetry 2006

Clare Gormley

Case study on Ewa Partum's Visual Poetry 2006, part of Performance at Tate: Into the Space of Art, a Tate …

Tate Etc

The performance years: Salvador Dalí II

Jonas Mekas

To coincide with Tate Modern’s exhibition exploring his work as a film-maker, Jonas Mekas remembers the Dalí happenings.

In Focus

The Painting

Alex J. Taylor

Tate Research In Focus project study on Silo 1963–4 by James Rosenquist

In Focus

A Persistent Passion for the Print

AnnMarie Perl

In Focus study by AnnMarie Perl on Meryon 1960–1 by Franz Kline, a Tate Research publication

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Uncle Walt and Salvador: Disney and Dalí

Roy Disney

Salvador Dalí as filmmaker? Roy Disney on the artist’s collaboration with his Uncle Walt


Nina Jan Beier born 1975 and Marie Jan Lund born 1976Clap in Time (All the People at Tate Modern)  2007

Acatia Finbow

Case study by Acatia Finbow examining Nina Jan Beier and Marie Jan Lund's Clap in Time (All the People at …

In Focus

Relationships: Formal, Creative and Political

Grace Brockington

Tate Research In Focus project on Vanessa Bell's Abstract Painting 1914

Tate Etc

Georgia O'Keeffe: Artists' views

Yayoi Kusama , Judy Chicago , Elizabeth Peyton , Kaye Donachie and Lucy Stein

Five artists from different generations share their personal reflections on Georgia O’Keeffe

Tate Papers

Kenneth Armitage’s Pandarus (version 8)

Toby Treves

This paper concentrates on the making and meaning of Kenneth Armitage Pandarus (version 8) 1963, which was recently presented to …

Tate Papers


Modern Art in the United States, 1956

Frank Spicer

The 1956 exhibition Modern Art in the United States introduced visitors to the Tate Gallery to a wide range of …


A landscape of mortality: Paul Nash

Simon Grant1

Paul Nash was preoccupied with his own mortality from childhood. But being posted as official artist to both world wars …

Behind The Scenes

Archives & Access project: When is a museum website like a sofa?

Alex Pilcher

Transforming Tate Britain, Archives & Access

Tate Papers

Merzzeichnung: Typology and Typography

Michael White

When Kurt Schwitters began making collages in 1918, the initial term he used to describe them was Merzzeichnungen (Merz drawings). …

Tate Papers

‘A Wistful Dream of Far-Off Californian Glamour’: David Sylvester and the British View of American Art

James Finch

David Sylvester’s criticism from the 1950s and 1960s combined enthusiasm for the vitality of new American art with ambivalence about …

Tate Papers

Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Physichromies: Between Centre and Periphery

Natalia Sassu Suarez Ferri

In 1959 the Franco-Venezuelan kinetic artist Carlos Cruz-Diez developed his first abstract series of works, named the Physichromies. These works …