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August Sander’s Portraits of Persecuted Jews

Rose-Carol Washton Long

Countering the characterisation of August Sander’s work as politically neutral, Rose-Carol Washton Long argues that the ‘The Persecuted’ and ...

Tate Papers

A Lively Parrot: Frances Hodgkins's Wings Over Water

Joyce H. Townsend and Sarah Hillary

It is most likely that Frances Hodgkins (1869–1947) began the painting Wings over Water in Bodinnick, Cornwall, in 1931 ...

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Virginia Woolf: Thinking Back Through Our Mothers

Laura Smith

Virginia Woolf’s radical feminist approach to writing has inspired generations of writers and artists. As a forthcoming exhibition at Tate ...

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A terrible beauty: Roger Fenton

Simon Grant1

In 1855 Roger Fenton took a photograph that became an iconic image of the Crimean War. The story of its ...


A Stitch in Time? Situating David Medalla’s ‘Participation-Performance’ Between British and Philippine Performance Art History

Annie Jael Kwan reports on a panel organised by Eva Bentcheva, independent art historian and curator, at Tate Modern on ...

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Tate plays Cupid

Richard Cork

Out of favour during the Cromwell years, the Cavalier playwright Sir William Killigrew was forced to live apart from his ...

In Focus

After The Deluge

Ayla Lepine

Tate Research In Focus project on The Deluge 1920 by Winifred Knights


Performance as Site of Memory: Performing Art History in Singapore and Vietnam

Eva Bentcheva reports on a talk given by Nora Taylor, Alsdorf Professor of South and Southeast Asian Art at the ...

Picture Essay

Love, friendship & rivalry: Christmas cards

Lily Bonesso

Explore rarely-seen Christmas cards, sent and received by artists whose correspondence is of the more intimate kind

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Love, friendship & rivalry: Surreal friends

Lily Bonesso

To coincide with the Leonora Carrington exhibition currently on show at Tate Liverpool, we take a look at the artist ...

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Sugar, Salt and Curdled Milk: Millais and the Synthetic Subject

Carol Jacobi

This article examines the sexual imagery of particular paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais. It argues that criticism ...

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‘Not Incorrect and Particularly Not Irrelevant’: Joseph Beuys and Henning Christiansen, 1966–71

Peter van der Meijden

Between 1966 and 1971, Danish composer Henning Christiansen (1932–2008) appeared in eight of Joseph Beuys’s actions. This article examines the ...

Look Closer

Constable discussion and activities resource

Whether you are studying John Constable or just interested in exploring his art: use our discussion, research and activity suggestions ...


Jackson Pollock: 5 Things

A new exhibition at Tate Liverpool looks afresh at the pioneering and iconic American artist Jackson Pollock. Scrutinising some of ...

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A Dramatic Reading of Augustus Leopold Egg’s Untitled Triptych

Annabel Rutherford

This article explores the significance of the theatrical and literary references found in the triptych Past and Present 1858 by ...

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Extraordinary scenes of beautifully arranged horrible wilderness

Briony Llewellyn

British Orientalist Painting

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Curving Round: David Sylvester and the ‘Rediscovery’ of David Bomberg

Lee Hallman

Lee Hallman considers how David Sylvester’s role in the rehabilitation of David Bomberg’s reputation in the 1950s and ...