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Tate Papers

Memory and the Aesthetics of Military Experience: Viewing the Landscape of the Anglo-Mysore Wars

Rosie Dias

Examining landscape imagery produced after the third Anglo-Mysore War (1789–92), Rosie Dias argues that these works oscillated between memorialisation ...

Tate Papers

Replicas of László Moholy-Nagy’s Light Prop: Busch-Reisinger Museum and Harvard University Art Museums

Henry Lie

Henry Lie, Replicas of László Moholy-Nagy’s Light Prop: Busch-Reisinger Museum and Harvard University Art Museums; Tate Papers no.8
Tate Papers

Naum Gabo and the Quandaries of the Replica

Christina Lodder

Christina Lodder, Naum Gabo and the Quandaries of the Replica; Tate Papers no.8
Tate Papers

Building and the Graphic Arts: Adrian Stokes at the ICA

Stephen Kite

Stephen Kite explores the relationship between architecture and the graphic arts in the milieus of the Institute of Contemporary Arts ...

Tate Papers

Who Will Sing the Song? Learning Beyond Institutional Critique

Anna Cutler

This essay addresses institutional critique in relation to learning in the art museum. It aims to introduce an alternative approach ...

Tate Papers

Why/Why Not Replicate?

Jennifer Mundy

Jennifer Mundy, Why/Why Not Replicate?; Tate Papers no.8
Tate Papers

Kurt Schwitters: Reconstructions of the Merzbau

Karin Orchard

Karin Orchard, Kurt Schwitters: Reconstructions of the Merzbau; Tate Papers no.8
Tate Papers

Inherent Vice

Julian Stallabrass

Julian Stallabrass, Inherent Vice; Tate Papers no.8; the implication that replication in sculpture is an inherent vice
Tate Papers

Replication: Some Thoughts, Some Works

Simon Starling

Simon Starling, Replication: Some Thoughts, Some Works; Tate Papers no.8
Tate Papers

Thoughts on Thoughts on Replication

Harry Cooper

Harry Cooper, Thoughts on Thoughts on Replication; Tate Papers no.8 on replication
Tate Papers

The Rules of the Game

Walter Grasskamp

Walter Grasskamp, The Rules of the Game; Tate Papers no.8
Tate Papers

Terminology for Further Expansion

Terminology for Further Expansion; Tate Papers no.8, on replication and conservation of fragile and disintegrating scultpures
Tate Papers

The Three Dancers 1925 by Pablo Picasso

Annette King , Joyce H. Townsend and Bronwyn Ormsby

Devastated by the death of a friend in 1925, Picasso painted this ‘dance’ of intertwined sinister figures, the story and ...

In Focus

Women Singing II 1966 by Willem de Kooning

Valerie Hellstein

This In Focus explores Women Singing II – a painting inspired by pop singers that Willem de Kooning saw on television ...

In Focus

Abstract Painting c.1914 by Vanessa Bell

Grace Brockington

This In Focus presents the first sustained analysis of this enigmatic painting – now regarded as a key work in Bell ...

In Focus

Meryon 1960–1 by Franz Kline

AnnMarie Perl

Franz Kline’s late work Meryon 1960–1 calls into question established ideas about abstract expressionism, including its essential ‘Americanness’.

In Focus

Evidence 1977 by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel

Andrew Witt

Drawing together the history of California, science fiction, technological experimentation and catastrophe, this In Focus examines how Larry Sultan and ...

In Focus

Peter Darnell Muilman, Charles Crokatt and William Keable in a Landscape c.1750, by Thomas Gainsborough

John Chu

Offering a multi-disciplinary discussion of Gainsborough’s early triple portrait, this project considers the painting as a depiction of polite ...