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Artist Judi Werthein: 'We need to pussify the art world'

Meet the Argentinian artist based in Miami

How To

How to Paint Like Bowling

Ever wondered how Frank Bowling creates dazzling, dripping compositions of colour? Find out with our step by step guide


The Art of Remembering

What happens when people are forgotten and histories are erased?


Dale Harding: ‘Environment is part of who you are’

Meet the artist who is exploring the history of his community in Queensland, Australia


The Art of Hip Hop

What happens when hip hop culture and the art world collide?


Introducing Dóra Maurer

Meet the influential Hungarian artist, teacher and curator


Rose Finn-Kelcey: 'Most artists don’t make money'

Discover the British artist who was concerned with social activism


The Art of the Hustle

How do you balance personal expression and making a living?

Inspired by

Ken Loach inspired by William Hogarth

Director Ken Loach brings his cinematic eye to the art of William Hogarth

Inspired by

John Hegley Inspired by Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson

Comedy, tragedy and a bit of mandolin, John Hegley brings performance poetry to Tate Britain


MixTate: E.M.M.A on Eduardo Paolozzi

London-based producer E.M.M.A creates a mix of her own tracks influenced by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi's Bash


MixTate: Claude Speeed on Matthew Barney

Berlin-based producer Claude Speeed takes inspiration from Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 5


MixTate: WIFE on Bill Viola

London-based multi-instrumentalist WIFE takes inspiration from Bill Viola’s Tiny Deaths


MixTate: FaltyDL on Ford Madox Brown

New York-based producer FaltyDL takes inspiration from Ford Madox Brown’s Take Your Son, Sir


MixTate: Conor Thomas on Jackson Pollock

Manchester-based DJ Conor Thomas takes inspiration from Jackson Pollock’s Summertime: Number 9A


MixTate: Jan St Werner on Dieter Roth

Composer and one half of Mouse on Mars Jan St Werner takes inspiration from Dieter Roth's Two Persons


MixTate: Lixo on William Hogarth

London-based producer Lixo takes inspiration from William Hogarth’s Gin Lane


MixTate: Visionist on Francis Bacon

London-based producer Visionist sees light through the darkness of Francis Bacon's Study for a Portrait


MixTate: Minor Victories on Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson

Minor Victories’ Justin Lockey approaches The Soul of the Soulless City with dread and wonder


The future according to Nam June Paik

Discover how the artist predicted the future of technology