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Artist Meets: BBZ x Abondance Matanda

Hear BBZ, a collective for queer people of colour, in discussion with the up and comer they most admire


Artist Meets: Joey Yu x noiamreiss

Hear Tate Collective Producer and collaborator Joey Yu introduce us to emerging illustrator noiamreiss


Alexis Hunter: 'We knew we were making history'

Watch a documentary video about the feminist artist Alexis Hunter


Artist Meets: Loyle Carner x Barney Artist

We asked four Tate Collective collaborators to introduce us to an emerging artist they admire


Questions for Tania Bruguera

The Cuban artist answers questions submitted by the public

In the Gallery

We Are The Future

Watch some of our collaborators past and present reflect on what art means to them

Inspired by

King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid: A Modern Retelling

Watch a modern retelling of Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones’s painting, King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid

Behind The Scenes

Cleaning Modern Oil Paints – The Video

Watch how conservators and scientists approach the challenges of cleaning 20th- and 21st-century oil paintings

An Allegory of Man

Uncover the symbolism hidden in this 400-year-old painting

How To

How to Paint Like Lowry

Ever wondered how L.S. Lowry made his artwork? Join artist Kathryn Edwards to learn about perspective, form and colour

How To

How to Weave like Anni Albers

Ever wondered how a piece of fabric is made? Join Textile Designer Rosa Pearks on how to warp and weft ...


Why study art?

Watch major cultural figures talk about why an arts education is important


Lubaina Himid in Conversation

Watch Lubaina Himid in conversation with Tate Director Maria Balshaw


Guerrilla Girls: 'You have to question what you see'

The activist group of artists ask us to question what we see in museums

Exhibition Guide


Listen to artists Rosalind Nashashibi and Lucy Skaer discuss their exhibition at Tate St Ives

In the Gallery

The Story of No Woman, No Cry: Audio Description

Listen to and watch an in-depth audio description of Chris Ofili's No Woman, No Cry


The Art of Failure

What does it mean to fail, and how can it lead to success? We hear the human stories behind art ...


The Art of Protest

How do art and protest meet? We explore acts of defiance with artists, poets and activists


The Art of Dreaming

What can happen when we allow ourselves to dream? We explore the link between art and dreaming


The Art of Belonging

What does it mean to belong? Artists, writers and poets explore the human stories behind art and belonging