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Exhibition Guide

William Blake

Find out more about our exhibition at Tate Britain

Online Guide

Responses to Tate's Collection by our BAME Network

Read how voices from our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Network respond to the artworks in our collection

Tate Etc

William Blake and Bob Marley: Poets and Prophets

Raymond Antrobus

The London-born poet Raymond Antrobus recounts how the words of both William Blake and Bob Marley shaped his upbringing

Tate Etc

In Conversation: Under the Bridge

Mark Leckey and Paul Farley

The art of Mark Leckey has often explored the tensions between popular culture and technology, imbued with his own potent ...


Documentation and Conservation of Performance

March 2016 – March 2021Tate’s Time-based Media Conservation team is developing its approach to the documentation and conservation of performance-based ...


Preserving Immersive Media

September 2018 – ongoingA research project developing strategies for the preservation of artworks which utilise immersive media such as 360 ...

Tate Etc

Tate Etc. issue 47: Autumn 2019

Online articles from Tate Etc. magazine featuring William Blake, Mark Leckey, Dora Maar, Kara Walker, Theaster Gates, Nam June Paik, ...

Picture Essay

William Blake's London

Explore the London locations important to Blake's life and work

Tate Etc

Unsung Heroes: Ron Vawter

Rose English

Artist Rose English remembers the experimental stage actor

Tate Etc

1819: Year of Revolution?

Martin Myrone

Political unrest, protest and global economic unease. Sound familiar? Martin Myrone looks back at a year of change


Audio Arts

Since its inception, by British artist William Furlong in 1972, the seminal sound art magazine, Audio Arts has become one ...

Teaching Resource

S is for Speaking Truth

A self-led resource to help you and your group explore text and spoken word in artworks

Teaching Resource

P is for Position

A self-led resource to help you and your group discover the power to demonstrate their cares and concerns

Teaching Resource

M is for Motif

A self-led resource to help you and your group tell your own story and create connections

Teaching Resource

J is for Joining

A self-led resource to help you and your group develop individual responses to artworks

Teaching Resource

H is for Howling

A self-led resource to help you and your group discover the power of expressing your own point of view