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Unsung Heroes: Ron Vawter

Rose English

Artist Rose English remembers the experimental stage actor

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1819: Year of Revolution?

Martin Myrone

Political unrest, protest and global economic unease. Sound familiar? Martin Myrone looks back at a year of change

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Portfolio: Naoya Hatakeyama – Everything is Illuminated

Yasufumi Nakamori

Celebrating the work of the Japanese photographer whose black and white series shows Tokyo in a new light

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Details, Details: J.M.W. Turner’s Snow Storm 1842

Katharine Hayhoe

Scientist Katharine Hayhoe sees a story about climate change in J.M.W. Turner’s painting

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Opinion: Slow Art in an Age of Speed

Jonathan P Watts

Taking time to look at art is good for us, argues Jonathan P Watts

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Olafur Eliasson Talks to Lily Cole

Olafur Eliasson and Lily Cole

Olafur Eliasson creates engaging artworks inspired by his interests in perception, colour, movement, and the interaction of people and their ...

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Keith Haring: Art for All!

Julia Gruen

Ahead of his first major UK exhibition, Keith Haring’s long-time friend and colleague considers the importance of his work in ...

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Details, Details: John William Waterhouse’s The Lady of Shalott 1888

Donna Huddleston

Artist Donna Huddleston finds inspiration in John William Waterhouse’s painting

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Natalia Goncharova: The Trailblazer

Christina Lodder

An early leader in the Russian avant-garde, Natalia Goncharova blazed a trail with her experiments in art and design. During ...

Exhibition Guide

Natalia Goncharova

Find out more about our exhibition at Tate Modern

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Gillian Ayres: Joyous Colour

Simon Grant

A look back at the life and work of the British artist who tirelessly experimented with paint

Exhibition Guide

Huguette Caland

Find out more about our exhibition at Tate St Ives

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Frank Bowling: Awash with the Colour of Life

Matthew Collings

The Guyana-born British artist studied alongside David Hockney and R.B. Kitaj in the early 1960s, before making a name ...

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Lives of the Artists: Edith Tudor-Hart: My Great-Aunt, the Spy

Peter Stephan Jungk

The compelling history of the Viennese-born, British-based photographer who led an extraordinary double life, as told by her great-nephew

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Huguette Caland: Body Works

Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

Introducing the life and work of the Lebanese artist whose sensual and alluring paintings are being shown in the UK ...

Exhibition Guide

Frank Bowling

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Behind The Scenes

The Three Dancers: a look beneath the surface of Picasso's paintings

Helen Little

In the weeks leading up to the installation of Picasso and Modern British Art, I was able to spend some ...

Behind The Scenes

Archives & Access Project: making art common

Carrie Bishop

Transforming Tate Britain, Archives & Access
Behind The Scenes

Archives & Access project: Adrian Glew outlines the selection criteria

Adrian Glew

Transforming Tate Britain, Archives & Access